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  • WTF! Arrggh (pc about to go through the window content)….
  • beagle
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    My GF has been working on a job app, for which the deadline is nigh. I’ve been giving it a check, but on it being send to her work PC (and her sisters PC)and being printed out, the formatting changes.

    Things don’t line up in the columns and the most important part, the free text, has jumped over 3 pages with mahoosive spaces, rather than original 1.5 she has drafted. It looked immaculate on our PC at home.

    Its an e-form and our PC at home (where it has been done) is working off Vista/Word 2007. The firm in question tells me they work off Word 2003.

    Anyone know any logical reason for this? A contribution to STW’s coffers on a successful solution!

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    Save it as a PDF file and then send it

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    Yeah you can get online PDF generators (i think adobe themself do one), could be easiest.

    Otherwise, perhaps you can save it as an earlier version of word, before sending it out?

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    Roger the PDF.

    Downloaded the PDF generator and she’ll send both a PDF and a Word version. Never thought of that. Better get over and make a contribution, one was probably overdue anyhow.

    Ta gentlemen. Much appreciated.

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    Word 2007 has the ability to save as PDF built into it*. You don’t need a PDF generator.

    * Assuming you have the latest updates. If not the official Word Save As PDF update is here

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