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  • Wording things on a CV
  • mikewsmith
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    OK I chose to go traveling during the great meltdown and now looking for a good wording to full the small gap in my CV any ideas.

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    i reckon my cv is pretty good mate and i havent put one date in there. Unless there is a specific need leave all dates out. Any time gaps can easily be explained in an interview.

    ill happily email u a copy of mine just to have a look, might give u an idea of what i mean.


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    Simplest thing to do is put it down as a career break which is an aceptable thing these days.

    Most web based recruitment sites will always ask for dates and for gaps to be explained. Depending on which fields you work in having no dates or leaving gaps in employment can lead to questions or your CV being ignored.

    Recruiters/employers also loook at how long you lasted in previous jobs.

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    I’m with jova…..just be honest. Making stuff up will get you caught out and if they think you’re being economical with the truth on one bit it’ll throw up doubts on the rest of it

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    As someone who has recruited a number of times in the past, a CV with no dates would be a complete turn off and would more than likely not make the first cut.
    My advise would be to keep honest and complete, a simple statement like ‘travelling’ would be better than nothing. Obviously if you did something specific it would help (eg ‘helping starving children’ in Africa, but not ‘getting sh1tfaced in Ibiza’) and can actually make you sound more interesting.

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    I have the same sort of issue – great gaps in my CV What I have done is after all the info stuff put “other experience” and listed the stuff I did during these gaps there.

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    You don’t need to put dates down and by law they can’t actually ask you that question because it can be used to calculate your age. This is covered by the new age discrimination legislation that came into effect in October 2007. Similarly they can’t ask you for your date of birth. In reality, a lot of people interviewing you are going to be poorly informed and will most likely ask you anyway. You can decline to answer and explain the law to them, but it would most likely look suspicious and be antagonistic. If you feel the same way then the best way to handle this is to leave out the specific months were you joined and left employment and just use the year. If your career break was between years and they ask what you did, just say you took a break, you went travelling, you stayed home with your family etc.

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    Be careful about what you say – We left our jobs, and took 7 months off to take the kids back home to see their grandparents. Came back to this country, got a job, then about a year later applied for another. At the interview I explained the gap on the cv. After getting this new job a third party company was used to perform background checks on me. They wanted my passport (original not scans) to prove that I’d been where I said I was during this period (or at least not banged up I guess). Incidentally they also contacted my high school to confirm my attendance and exam results. In New Zealand. And I finished high school in the mid 70’s.

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