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  • mrmo

    Just after some ideas for gloves i may not have come across.

    What i am after is warm, this is for riding in the coldest of winter conditions that i am likely to come across, so good for -5c. Most of the use will be on the road so need to be warm to deal with windchill!

    Must have a long! close fitted/stretchy if possible cuff, be fairly slim fitting not to over done with insulation. Waterproof would be nice, but warm and wet is better than cold and dry. I find warm forearm and wrist means warm hand.

    I am willing to use a liner if need be to up the temp a little.

    Gloves that look interesting are Assos early winter, Gore Xenon windstopper, Castelli Estremo. I am guessing others exist and not having seen these in the flesh i don’t actually know how long the cuffs are or how warm they actually are?

    Premier Icon somouk

    I wear the sealskin winter bike gloves and they’ve been excellent. Wear them with a liner if it’s very cold.


    These ones

    Premier Icon darrell

    Rapha deep winter gloves


    Don’t know how good they are but I’ve just bought the decathlon winter mountain bike gloves class 7 , not cheap £28 but very well made very warm but with a great idea of a zip on the back of the hand to let air in if too warm.
    Any tried them in the real world???


    I used Endura strike gloves last winter.. They were really good..


    You could spend money on fancy road gloves….

    Or you could go to your local market and buy some 99p woolly gloves; most can be found with rubber dots on the underside. These will do for about 80% of the conditions you will encounter.

    Or buy some Thinsulate fleece gloves from the same market for the really cold and wet days.

    Or you can spend loads of money on the Assos, Castelli, whatever alternatives and be slightly disappointed.

    The bottom style of glove are far and away the best winter glove I have ever used in 20 odd years of riding; they do get wet, but you stay warm.


    Aldi ones were really good last winter. A bit bulky but if your hands are numb from cold then your loosing even more feel. I also have the Sealskinz ones which are good but I have a real problem with the thumb when it gets very cold. It has no insulation over the thumb nail and while the rest of my hands may be comfortable the end of my thumb is hurting from the cold.


    crikey, if you can find a set of the top ones with some wind proofing then let me know. The problem i find with the bottom ones is the cuff doesn’t sit close to my wrist.

    The problem i find is that lots of gloves are quite loose round the wrist, they use some neoprene cuff with a gusset and a velcro strap to pull them tight, only it never works and i get cold wrists. I can remember some really cheap thinsulate things that used a knitted cuff, they were fine as long as it didn’t rain and get the cuff wet.


    used the Aldi ones last winter on my daily commute they were fine
    do get wet but hold the heat think they were around £4.99

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    Pearl izumi pro softshell lite, awesome gloves. Will need a liner for the very coldest days. But I find them fine for down to 0 without.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Have a look at Glacier Perfect Curves
    Review here

    I’ve bought a pair on the strength of someone’s recommendation on here. Not used them yet but they have to be better than the sealskins I used last year. I got mine for £27 from a window cleaner supplies online shop.


    Bit pricey but the Castelli gloves I bought last year are superb, meet all your requirements as well. Here’s a link to the thread where I posted info;

    castelli gloves


    Maybe I’m unfortunate, but I’ve tried windproof gloves and waterproof gloves from cycle clothing manufacturers and they were over engineered and didn’t work.
    I tried the above gloves and they did work for me.

    I’ve never needed windproof gloves, and if it’s that cold, the fleece gloves do the trick and are windproof enough.

    Try them, they’re about £3:00


    Have used these for the last couple of years and will be getting a new pair for this winter too – good fit, and warm without being too bulky. Can be had for about £20 from Sports Direct.


    crikey\ can’t help but think they will be just like a sponge on each hand


    They are.
    In torrential rain…

    But your hands stay warm, and the great advantage of sponges is that a squeeze gets rid of the water, and you carry on with warm hands.

    Seriously, they’re cheap enough to try it out, and the worst that can happen is you end up with a pair of gloves to wear while walking the dog.

    I’ve never had cold hands using these gloves.

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    Glaciated gloves perfect curve user here as well £40 from bike shops or under 30 from window cleaning supplies places as mentioned above. Continually disappointed by cycling brand gloves until I bought the glaciers.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    If you want warm, Perfect Curves, they’re a revelation for me- I’ve got pretty bad circulation and ride in allsorts so I give gloves a pretty hard time, I’ve had various good gloves that can keep my hands more or less functional but the Curves are the only ones that have ever kept me comfortable. Weird to ride in (there’s a bit of squidge and movement between hands and grips that isn’t really a problem, but feels totally unnatural at first), and smelly, but absolutely worth it.

    Of the rest, Fox Antifreezes are the best I’ve used, warm but also little excess bulk, so you can ride pretty much as normal. But expensive and a wee bit shortlived, the outer shell has cracked and come off in chunks on my older pair. Also, having the waterproofing inside the outer shell is just a stupid way to make a glove. But still, very good and for normal people probably excellent 😉

    Things I would personally unrecommend:

    Endura Strikes, not waterproof nor warm, sent them back assuming they were faulty but apparently they’re all like that. Not worth 50p.

    Pearl Izumi softshell- haven’t used the latest one but they call it right when they say it’s a “cool weather glove” not a cold weather one. Excellent quality autumn glove.

    Extremities Velo- not that warm, and they really don’t feel like a bike glove, very flat and unshaped. Also ymmv on fit but mine constantly bunched up under my fingers. Gave them to my mum, she says they’re good for gardening.

    Sealskinz- old set but any glove that the lining turns inside out on is only good for the bin IMO, and the “ergonomic” padding seemed to be totally randomly placed and felt terrible. Maybe they’re better now? Some potential to be good but they were a mess.

    Oh and standard fleecy thinsulate gloves, really? I use a pair in the garage sometimes so I grab them when I want to do a testride, they’re ever so slightly better than no gloves at all but wind cuts through them like a knife.


    Fox Antifreeze, they come with a liner for really freezing days, or remove it for just cold days 😉

    Premier Icon ton

    I am a fan of cheap gloves like crikey.
    I have had expensive gloves bought has xmas gifts in the past. they are no better than cheap thinsulate fleece ones, or aldi ones.
    I did get some extremities velo gloves which were windproof, and when worn with cheap silk liners, were good enough year round.

    Premier Icon Pridds

    Love my specialized radiants, got really bad loss of feeling until I got these

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Pogies for bikes? A bloke in our group swore by them in Peru recently. Personally I think I’d just stay in bed if it came to that but I used to have them on motorcycles so see no reason not to on a pushbike, other than making bar spins harder… 😀


    Altura night vision have been good for me.

    Liners under MTB gloves work when it is just a bit chilly.


    Thinsulate fleece gloves don’t keep my hand warm, walking, so can’t see them working well, whilst cycling?


    Like the look of those Glacier Perfect Curves, anyone know where stocks them?


    Cheap silk liners from eBay make a world of difference to any glove.


    I have just bought a couple of pairs of gloves from planet x, seem ok for the money.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Hotpog Pogies and a thin pair of liner gloves.
    Minus 5? That’s barely autumnal.

    Premier Icon chaos

    I keep a pair of these on standby to pull over the above mentioned cheapy fleece gloves if it starts bucketing down or the wind chill ramps up too high. They pack down very small so you can keep them in the side pocket of your rucksack or rear pocket of a cycling jacket.


    I was in Sports Direct today and their winter gloves were £12.99. Looked and felt o.k.


    Peoples hands differ a lot when it comes to keeping them warm. I found that Fox AntiFreeze were no good below about 7 deg. Basically a 3 season glove. They were also expensive and wore incredibly quickly considering how much they were worn.
    Last year I got myself some Answer Strike neoprene gloves. A lot tougher, pretty waterproof and almost warm enough for all conditions – I expect a road ride in 0deg and I’d suffer, but offroad they are fine. Not as supple as Fox, but far better overall.
    Very cheap at the moment from CRC!
    £17.50 bargain

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Only in XXL though!


    I expect a road ride in 0deg and I’d suffer, but offroad they are fine. Not as supple as Fox, but far better overall.

    This is the point, i am commuting on the road, 1hour each way, doesn’t usually get below -5 but then add 20-25mph windchill to that and hands that do get cold.


    I’ve been using these for a year and they have been great.

    Well worth the money. Gloves fail for me usually due to the inner getting pulled out with fingers, however due to these being mitts they look like they won’t break in this way.


    Glacier Perfect Curves

    Blimey they look gimpy. Interested though if they work.


    Craft gloves for me. Toasty warm on really cold days. Not sure how they’d hold up in heavy rain though.


    Buffalo pile and pertex mitts.

    I love mine and they take up little space and weight if you are not weaaring them.

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