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  • richardk

    Never liked the bloke much before, but sat watching Wild Swimming with Robson Green now and developing some respect for him.

    I LOVE open water swimming and would really like to be doing some of those swims (maybe not the Snowdon swim without the wetsuit though…)


    Worth reading


    He's a bit of a cock but i have some respect for him swimming in that cold lake.

    Looking forward to the Holy Island swim – been surfing near there at Bamburgh on boxing day a few years back.


    Nice, wasn't it? 😀

    As a long-term member of Henleaze Swimming Club it was great to see the place & people I know…..

    (PS: all you have to do to join is put your name on the waiting list, then wait. Several years)

    Premier Icon ton

    last year we were using hostels in scotland.
    a couple of blokes in the dorm were swimming loads of lochs from the bottom to the top of scotland, and were cycling in between them.

    tough barstewards.


    pah! swim in the top pool on snowdon without a wetsuit, old news mate 😀
    that's the coldest water i've ever been in,
    was super painful


    Up here it's just called swimming….

    I went for a quick swim in Coniston lake about 3 weeks ago then had trouble working out whether I was still male

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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