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  • Whyte E-160 RSX review
  • Mark
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    Whyte Bikes has come an awful long way since the actual days when Mr Whyte was involved. From pioneering mega-complex multi-link machines with non-tel …

    By mark

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    Whyte E-160 RSX review

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    Would like to know how this compares to the Mondraker Crafty? I know Sim tested the Mondy, either of you ridden them both? Mondy lighter, longer stays (better for us lanky types), better looking. Whyte has the removable better and possibly better downhill handling with lower CoG and slacker HA?

    Or a Levo?

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    Hello @davosaurusrex, I’ve ridden both. I marginally prefered the Mondraker. I also have a Mondy Crafty alu with 700WH+ battery on test at the mo – Magura ABS testbed bike – and still prefer that to the Whyte I think (even though it has limited dropper travel-ability/insertion). Hard to say why. I think the rear sus just suited me better on the Mondrakers. In order, I’d go: Mondraker, Whyte, Levo.

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    Enough to overlook the non-removable battery? Guess you’ve ridden a few Levos as well?

    I had a carbon Crafty last year and loved but couldn’t sell my current bike so had to move it on. I didn’t come up against any issues with charging but didn’t have it long enough, I also don’t think my knees have got more than a batteries worth of riding in them these days!

    Just wondered if I was missing something by not tryng the Whyte but doesn’t really sound like it

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    Argh.. that discount is doing my ebike itch no good. £5k seems reasonable VFH for that spec too.
    I love Whytes- The geometry and kinematic seem to suit me and the customer service I’ve had has been exceptional.

    E160 RSX (the one reviewed) is down to £6,499 too!

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    I’ve owned both, they are both really good.
    The Whyte managed to be both agile and very stable and loads of fun. In tights woods it was incredible, especially when I mulleted it.
    Downside were the weight and it was very low.
    The Crafty is also super stable, quite agile but feels long in tight woods and tights corners. It’s better at climbing though, seems easier to peddle/ better on battery than the Whyte and it’s quite a bit light, especially being the carbon one.
    If I had to summarise i’d say the Crafty was a better all round bike but the Whyte was a bit more fun in the right situations.

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    Ben, how tall are you if you dont mind me asking? test ridden a L whyte e160 recently and felt great, but its slightly shorter than my other bikes, whereas the XL is quite a bit longer. no XL to be able to test

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