Why is my bike so heavy?

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  • Why is my bike so heavy?
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    You are aware that this way lies madness? And bankruptcy?


    Helium filled frame bag worked for me


    All the own brand (original stuff) you’ve mentioned will be harbouring excess weight, no doubt.

    Start wi them as they are inexpensively replaced using…

    Edit: classifieds, sales, etc..


    Why is my bike so heavy?

    possessed by the devil..?


    The problem is, whenever anyone asks where the excess weight is on their bike, the answer is nearly always: everywhere the rider.



    +1 on upgrading bars and stem — and if the giant grips are like the ones on my XTC they are lardy kraton rubbery ones.
    Pedals are probably nearly a pound too, esp if they are flats


    Thanks for the comments all. Just for a bit of context, I’m not setting out on an obsessive weight-weenie mission- I agree with others that I’d be better off buying something else.

    I haven’t really been getting out on the bike much over the last year or so and it’s been gathering dust- also it needs a fair bit doing to it. I’m starting to see a little light at the end of the all-work-and-no-play tunnel I’ve been living in lately so I’m getting it back into shape. Given it’s a little old and generally tired I’m reluctant to sink too much money into it so it’s getting stuff that works rather than upgrades, but it’s got me wondering where the weight is. For example I’m replacing my knackered LX shifters with some old Deore ones I’ve got lying around which is probably going to make it heavier if anything!

    At the back of my mind I’m thinking n+1 of course.


    Having looked through this thread I think that the reason your bike is heavier than you’d like it to be is that the numbers to the left of the kg symbol are too large.

    Try replacing them with smaller numbers; a simple change from 9.8kg to 8.8kg will make a world of difference (probably)


    Remove all the Higgs boson particles, they’re what’s giving it mass.


    Remove all the higgs and the atoms that make up the bike will distintergrate, really they would. With no bike it will weight nothing.

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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