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  • why cant i lose weight ???
  • Jamie
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    I struggle to get through the day without chewing my hands off on anything less than 1700ish a day, in weight loss mode. Do you not feel hungry at all only taking in so little coffeeking?

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    for TooTall
    not that i want to perpetuate on being the big bloke who is dieting…

    today i have eaten

    1 bowl of porridge

    1 bowl of fresh fruit salad

    1 mixed bean salad

    4 tangerines

    1 large jacket potato with beans and cheese

    and no sugar all day.


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    12 page article!? You don’t need 12 pages. If you can recognise it as a plant or animal. Eat it.
    That’s much less than 12 pages.

    It’s worth reading though, honestly.

Viewing 3 posts - 121 through 123 (of 123 total)

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