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  • which flats??
  • daftvader

    Evening. …
    So I have decided to put some flats on the chameleon for ramp duties. .. which ones would be good?

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    + one for vaults. I bought nuke proof flats cause they were £49 (30quid cheaper) they did feel good. Bent one on my second ride. Bought vaults they are way better.


    Shimano Saints!


    Superstar nanotech cheap grippy wide an all parts available as spares

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    Burgtecs – you’ll never need another pair


    superstar nano’s

    I bought these to replace my vault’s … which were rubbish


    I forgot to add… needs to be cheap…


    Shinburgers all the way!

    [EDIT] Especially if you don’t like skin on your shins.

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    wellgo..CRC b 52s or similar with terror pins

    Easton cullys….if you can find some

    vaults imho and experience rubbish


    Same as many branded offers but cheaper. Work very well.


    How are Vaults rubbish? Wide and thin platform. More grip than nanos. Fully serviceable. Decent weight. Look good. The only drawback is price. Best pedals out there in my opinion. Certainly better than nanos which I ran for 18 months before my Vaults (which are up to about 14 months so far).

    That said, if the OP wants cheap, nanos are a good pedal.

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    Personal preference the wellgo I have do not seem to be on there but have a look below

    cheaper, lighter and similar……….

    DMR Vault Pedal 9/16
    Wide, Light, Slim, Tough and Tuneable. The DMR Vault is the next generation of the classic V8 and V12 family.

    Big – 115mm x 115mm.
    Light – 400gms per pair.
    Slim – 17mm concave foot bed.
    Tough – Extruded 6061 aluminium and 4140 CroMo steel axles.
    Tuneable – 11 ‘flipPin’ per pedal can be fitted ‘short’ or ‘long’ to fine tune the grip available.
    Serviceable – High load DU bush and cartridge bearing
    Buy DMR Vault Pedal 9/16 from Chain Reaction Cycles, the world’s largest online bicycle store.

    Wellgo Alloy Platform B185 Sealed Bearing Pedal
    Body: Aluminum 6061 extruded/ CNC machined / Anodized.
    Spindle: Co-Mo.
    Bearing: DU / Sealed.
    Size: 111 x 100 x 27mm.
    Weight: 320g/pr.


    I would say vaults. I’ve just switched from v12s (which are excellent IMO) to vaults and the vaults are even better. Grippy, low profile and most importantly for me the extra size massively helps with stability.


    Hope F20. Expensive, but superb.

    Just bought my third set of Vaults.

    Ubyk have them for £70


    Are DMR Vaults that much better/worth the extra money compared to Shimano Saints..?

    I’ve got vaults and saints. Both bought heavily reduced at my LBS.

    Vaults are 2 years old and been hammered all over Europe and are still perfect.

    Saints have just done a month on the DH bike in the alps and at no point did I feel the desire to switch to the vaults. All the grip you need but the platform is much smaller and hits the ground less.

    Both worth the reduced price in my opinion. Just take the plunge, it’s not the kind of thing you buy on a regular basis.


    @sharkattack – That’s interesting, I didn’t realise the saints were that much smaller than the vaults.

    They are when you put them side by side. I’d post a pic if I was at home. Saints aren’t necessarily small but vaults are massive.

    The saints we’re great though, no complaints at all. Yet


    Similar except a different shaped platform, smaller, not as concaved (if at all) and five less pins per side!!! 🙄

    It is all personal preference though. I agree with sharkattack. You don’t need to purchase them very often so you might as well get a decent set.


    Been very happy with my Saints.


    Thanks for all the suggestions people. .. I reckon I will probably just get some cheap welgo ones as I really only want them for the local skate ramps, I’m a dedicated spd user the rest of the time

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    Love my Saints (on my SS), not much other experience though with flats apart from the cheap Wellgo V8 copies so bound to be improved experience. Just bought some proper V8s for the Vampires bike. Looking through the reviews it’s hard to see why you need to spend anymore?


    Vaults FTW

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    I’ve tried Vaults as a possible upgrade from my Nanos and tbh, didn’t think they did anything better. The size might be a bonus if you’ve got massive feet but I kept catching them on things. Grip felt much the same (ie, both have tonnes, and more than enough).

    So, got 3 sets of Nanos. Only criticism really is that the mag bodied ones don’t hold their pins too well.

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