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  • Premier Icon jameso

    I just got an Osprey Momentum 26lt and i like it after a couple of weeks use, it’s not full of the usual 20 pocket orgainisers that my other 2 commuter bike rucsacs had and could double up as a big weekend bag if i went off bivi-ing. 2 external mesh pockets that can cary work / spd shoes if needed. Visible colour that’s not ott and 2 really nice shoulder strap pockets i find useful. Plus a full raincover and reflective details, so seems like a well-thought out bag. I don’t like single strap courier bags personally tho, not stable enough for my liking.

    Premier Icon slowuphill

    I had my old Howies Courier bag nicked yesterday. Now looking to replace it. Backpack or courier bag? must be big enough to carry clothes / lunch.. any suggestions

    Premier Icon AD

    Might be worth a look at the Osprey Flapjack – bit smaller than the Howies bag but readily carries a laptop and change of clothes. Plenty of steady strap options too.
    My commute is relatively short – 10k round trip – so can’t comment how comfy it would be if you have an epic ride to work.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Wiggle have very big discounts on the North Face messenger ones at the mo


    I have the flapjack, although haven’t ridden with it much yet.

    I also have a Chrome mini metro which is well built and carries weight well, but is sweaty as it hugs the top of your back, whereas the osprey can be carried lower down so it sits on your lower back, where you don’t sweat as much.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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