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  • Where to sell roadie stuff?
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    Been advertising a nice frame and fork here and on Bikeradar with little interest.

    Where else should I try? The Road.cc forum seems a bit dead and I just missed free listings weekend on ebay.

    And also, am I asking too much for this?



    At least you have moved your ad to the bike forum 😉

    Premier Icon chakaping

    This wasn’t a stealth ad, honest. I just thought I might not know about some big roadie forum.

    Email in profile anyway though


    Bike radar in the road classifieds.


    I think you’re perhaps asking a bit too much. Its a nice frame (I have one but its the grey colour of the bike model down) but you can get brand new alu frames for ~£150 new. Add in a new headset and those Tektro calipers and you could be set up with all new stuff for just over £200ish as opposed to ‘2nd hand’ stuff without a warranty?

    I also think Genesis stopped doing them for a reason and that was perhaps because they weren’t that popular?

    Are Genesis so well known in road riding?

    I think £100 – £150 would be a more realistic amount unfortunately. ebay probably the best bet.


    i sold a whole bike better that that for £100.

    Thats a very ordinary road frame that ain’t worth very much

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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