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  • When can you you cancel a bid on ebay (as a seller)
  • scotabroad
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    I’m selling my car on ebay and an ebay member has bid on it. They are brand new (joined the day of the bid)and have no history at all. I have just sent a second pm to them to ask if they are genuine, no response from the first pm, so considering the value of the potential purchase I am considering cancelling their bid.

    What do you reckon?

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    why – everyone starts at 0

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    Unless you have specified in the description that bidders with less than X feedback will have their bids cancelled unless they contact you first you are stuffed.

    Give them a try, they could just be new to it (and not p!ssed off with the high prices / fees / dodgy sellers of fleabay)


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    any time < 6 hours before the auction ends

    stick this in your favourites

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    Why bother? If they’re genuine you’re fine, if not just contact the 2nd highest bidder and explain the situation.

    I’m sure they’ll buy it.

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    What steve_b77 said.

    More bidders = more money. So let them bid and if happen to back out then do 2nd chance offer, or whatever eBay call it these days.

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