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  • When a bike lives up to the hype – 456 Ti
  • heihei
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    I sold my Stiffee to get an On-One 456 Ti and took it out for a first ride last night. I have to admit to some apprehension – I always found the Stiffee a riot to ride, and hadn’t managed to get a ride on a 456 before buying. I was also between sizes (16″ and 18″) but on Brant’s advice went with the 16″.
    I needn’t have worried – despite the recent rain and snowmelt making trails “interesting”, the bike was awesome. A couple of the local sections of singletrack (Puttenham Common, Surrey) are particularly twisty and require quite a bit of commitment and weight over the front to nail at speed – the 456 was just brilliant. Climbs well too, even without the Pikes being wound down.
    Difficult to see the full-suss getting a look-in for the time being, at least until things dry out a lot!

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    Glad to here it! I’m in the process of building up my Ti 456, though I did own a steel 456 previously, so kinda know what to expect! I’m just down the road as well (Wormley), so I might see you out on the trails 😉

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    Loving mine, it does ride slightly different (seems more accurate but also more forgiving) to the steel 456 which it replaced. I also leave the pikes at full 140mm all the time and don’t seem to use the lockout so much. Goes uphill wel but screams down them, sooner or later I reckon it’s going to get me into trouble as it inspires more confidence than I have the skill for.

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    i want one but after the recession. 😆

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    I want one, but I can’t afford a new one and Daffy won’t sell me his 🙁

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