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    Gravity biking is one the most adventurous sports that increases the adrenaline rush of not only the participant but also the spectators indulged in the event. There is no scope for error, as it may cost you the title or sometimes life. Making gravity biking a bit safer and superior for the rider, Mexican designer Andrés Alvarez has come up with an improved version of a gravity bike named the “Mamba” that helps the rider keep his/her body closer to the ground and experience the sensation of flying over the pavement.


    Featuring the frame finished with aluminum and carbon fiber with a PC plastic body, designer Morteza Faghihi has popped up with a bike concept dubbed “DH Bike” that not just boasts a stylish and durable design but also meets the standard of UCI (Union Cycling International) and JIS dimension for size 26. Especially designed for DH racing, the futuristic bike touts better controls and more flexible suspension system.


    Snow is one of the most wonderful creations of nature that spontaneously attracts the visitors to hilly areas from all corners of the world, which unfortunately blemishes the beautiful blessing, as we run all sorts of motorized vehicles on the white turf for our petty pleasure. Addressing the issue, Italian designer Michele Marin has developed a human powered snow (HPS) vehicle that supports clean and green tourism across panoramic country ski tracks. Finished in bent aluminum sheets to make it lightweight for easy controls weight, the HPS Vehicle is constructed without molding technologies, which makes it completely recyclable and eco-friendly.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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