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  • edlong

    All things are relative so from my perspective, yes!

    Red Falcon Sierra “ATB” (still lurking in the back of the garage, suspect beyond salvation though, it was rubbish when new)
    Decathlon Rockrider 6.3 (nicked last week, but was in a pretty shabby state so no great loss)
    Mongoose Otero Elite (riding it home from work in about 30 mins)

    EDIT: Thought we were just doing mountain bikes, see others in there so please add to the above: original Raleigh Chopper (still got), Raleigh Pursuit (still got) and the mighty Apollo pub bike (abandoned)

    What a pedigree….

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    You need more variety. πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon Bregante

    In chronological order

    Raleigh Tomahawk
    Raleigh Bomber
    Raleigh Medale
    specialized Hardrock
    Scott Yecora
    GT Tempest
    Mongoose Teocali
    specialized Enduro SL
    Nicolai Helius CC (still got – best bike ever)
    genesis Croix De Fer (still got)
    Retro Kona Hahanna rigid SS (awaiting delivery!)

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    What a pedigree….

    What’s a ‘pedigree’?

    I’ve owned loads of bikes but I’m still crap πŸ™


    little kiddie bike
    raleigh grifter silver and blue one
    raleigh mustang

    stopped riding for a bit

    Edinburgh Bicycles Contour 400

    Specialized Rockhopper

    Kona Kikapu

    Specialized FSRXC

    Cove Stiffee

    Specialized Enduro

    Dialled Alpine

    Santa Cruz Bullit

    Giant Faith (still got)

    Mongoose Teocali (still got)


    Haro F3
    Federal Division
    Specialized rockhopper pro 2006, still using the brakes and rear mech off this!
    DMR trailstar (cracked at head tube)
    Another trailstar, lt version this time with head tube gusset
    Sunday bmx
    Santa Cruz Bullit

    Still got the Bullit and 2nd trailstar. Trailstars my main bike, just keeping the Bullit hanging around in case i want a reliable dh bike again or for holidays.. had a bfe for about a month but sold it as it felt a bit boring to ride and i needed the money for the Bullit.


    Universal BMX (BSO)
    Emmelle Panther (slightly less of a BSO)
    Specialized Rockhopper (frame is in the basement)
    Specialized Stumpjumper
    Specialized SX Trail
    Dialled Bikes Kobe Ti

    Premier Icon lunge

    Emmelle laser – ridden and ridden until it died
    Trek 930 – frame broken and replaced under warranty by..,
    Trek 920 – frame also broke so replaced again with a…
    Trek 8500 – now by dads bike with 2000 vintage Marz Z3 100 coil (never serviced, still work)
    Orange P7 – brilliant bike, my main ride
    Planet-X Jack Flash – used for everything from Downhill to trials. Currently in downhill more waiting to be changed to a rigid single speed.

    So very few for over 20 years of mountain biking.


    British Eagle
    Claud Butler
    Raleigh RSP 500
    Barracuda Slalom
    Identiti Jekyll
    Identiti Exorcist
    Specialized Big Hit
    Norco VPS Team
    Revell 24″
    DMR Rhythm
    Santa Cruz V10
    Orange Gringo
    Cove Handjob
    On One Inbred

    Premier Icon Stoner

    You need more variety

    *Backs out of thread*

    Premier Icon colournoise

    – Funny little trike with a big blue boot when I was about 3 or 4.
    – Couple of 70s BSOs I don’t really remember.
    – Raleigh Chipper (I was/am only short).
    – Halfords road bike (or ‘racer’ as was obviously more properly called at the time) – while I had this I was also swapping rides with mates, so Chopper, Grifter, etc. too.
    (gap where I got a car and forgot bikes for a bit)
    – Couple of self-built car boot/police auction/parts bin junkers when I first got into MTB – heavy as **** but still huge fun.
    – Lee Cooper XC frame with Quadras that went from skinny flat bar build to risers and a single ring as an early adopter ‘AM’ bike. Frame still built up as my SS ‘road’ commuter.
    – Trailstar mk2 with Z4s and an evolving build of ‘tough’ parts. Still built up and ridden.
    (gap where I got into archery for a while)
    – Mr Hyde with Society Xenos. Another tinkerers evolving build of parts that don’t easily break. Currently sitting in the garage as a bare frame and forks, not sure what to do with it.
    – BFe and back on Bombers. Current bike.

    slainte πŸ˜€ rob

    Premier Icon sweaman2

    Where’s Alex when you need him…. πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Where’s Alex when you need him..

    Still typing.

    Premier Icon ransos

    Raleigh Grifter
    Raleigh Mustang
    GT Tequesta
    Breezer Storm
    Marin Eldridge Grade
    Claud Butler (can’t remember the model)
    Pro-flex XPX
    Giant NRS
    Giant Trance


    Rayleigh racer converted to S/S with cow-horns in 1972!
    Diamondback Sorrento
    British Eagle ES
    Kona Lava Dome
    GT Zaskar
    GT LTS Team
    Specialized S Works FSR 2001
    Santa Cruz Blur
    Specialized S Works M5 H/T
    Yeti ARC
    Intense 5.5
    Pace RC303
    Turner 5 Spot H/L
    Merlin Oreas
    Yeti 575 08
    On One 456 Summer Season
    Specialized S Works Enduro
    Turner 5 Spot H/L
    Turner 5 Spot DW Link – current bike
    On One 456 Summer Season
    Cove Stiffee – current bike

    I think that’s all of them lol.

    MBK (no idea what, it was green)
    DiamondBack Traverse (24″ wheels)
    Raleigh Maverick (my dads bike)
    Sarracen Rufftrax (saracen making POS’s)
    Carrera Fury (pre carrera making good bikes, they’d got as far as good specs but the geometery was daft euro XC with short TT, long stem)
    DMR Trailstar
    DMR Switchback
    Yeti ASR-sl (didn’t have for long)
    On-One 456
    Sanderson Life
    Specialized Pitch
    Singular Swift

    Eyeing up a 456evo though as for 90% of my riding at the momentt he Swift is underbiked and the Pitch is way OTT.


    Muddy fox Alu Sport
    GT Zaskar LE
    Cannondale F2000
    Muddy Fox Alu Team
    GT LTS 1000 DS
    Marin Bear Valley Se
    Cannondale Jekyll 600
    Gt IDrive 4.0
    Dawes Edges one
    Muddy Fox Pathfinder
    Kona Explosif
    Soma Groove
    Airborne Lancaster
    On-one Inbred 29er
    Mk1 On-one Scandal 29er
    Kona Coiler
    On-one 456
    Proflex 768
    GT Peace 29er
    Kona Cindercone

    Not been riding long, only ever ran one bike at a time:

    04/07-12/08 Trek Fuel EX9 (2 years)
    01/09-01/12 Orange 5 (3 years)
    08/11-01/12 Dialled PA (4 months)
    02/12- Cotic Soul (3 months so far, hoping it’s a keeper!)

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    People seem to be finishing with a HT…



    Where is Hora? He must be the best by this criteria πŸ™‚


    Raleigh Mini Burner (outgrew)
    Emmelle California (took to bits to see how it worked, it never did after that)
    Saracen Ruff Trax (or something trax, I can’t remember, it was blue and from Halfords)
    Kona Cindercone (Sold)
    Cannondale Beast of the East (put to the back of the shed)
    Marin Mount Vision (sold)
    Kona Cindercone (broke at Cannock)
    Cannondale Beast of the East (brought out of retirement, used, then sold on ebay for a pittance – wish I still had this bike, it was ace)
    GT Arrowhead (put to the back of the shed)
    Specialized Hardrock (sold on here)
    Kona Kula Deluxe (sold to friend, still in service)
    GT Arrowhead (, brought out of retirement, built up, then stripped down, rawed and singlespeeded)
    Orange G4 (Brand new frame in Jan, built up with the bits that I’d bought for the GT, and then they were upgraded again and the old bits back on the GT)


    1988 a blue Peugeot number from Halfords – It had Shimano SIS gears circa

    1991 Aluminium fat framed thing – that was bought of my brothers mate, stripped and polished (looked pretty)

    1992. Gary Fischer bought from a guy I rode with at college in Banbury – It had Pace RC30s and a 1 1/4 Threaded headset and was the best bike ever.

    1999 A Silver Pace RC200 with Polished RC31s and full XT. It got nicked and I’m still gutted to this day

    2001 A Klein Attitude Race, Aztec gold – this one is currently being reincarnated as my XC race bike. The frames too good to get rid of.

    2005 98 Kona Explosif 853 steel – because I always wanted one.

    2007 94 Kona Explosif – the 98 wasn’t really the one I wanted and this was for me a ‘proper’ Explosif

    2011 Pace rc305 – My first modern mountain bike.

    2012 Ibis Mojo – πŸ˜€

    Hand me down bike with steel rod brakes!(frame snapped….)
    Raleigh Jeep
    First racer (Carlton I think)
    1984 Carlton Criterium
    Claud Butler Touring bike (sold to fund first car)
    Long break from biking…………
    Mid 90s Saracen Hylander hybrid and first foray into riding off-road.
    2004 Specialized Rockhopper
    2006 Giant XTC (Still own)
    2006 Trek 1200 road bike
    2010 Giant Defy Advanced road bike
    2010 Giant Anthem

    Premier Icon njee20

    20″ Universal Sierra Nevada
    Cannondale M500
    Spcialized Stumpjumper M2 Comp
    Trek OCLV 9.8 hardtail
    Specialized S-Works M4 FSR
    Titus Racer-X
    Specialized S-Works Carbon HT
    Trek Fuel Ex 9.5
    Specialized S-Works Epic (2007)
    Specialized S-Works Epic (2008)
    Specialized S-Works Epic (2009)
    eBay Hasa carbon HT
    Trek Top Fuel 9.9 (2010)
    Trek Top Fuel 9.9 (2011)

    Hmmm, that makes me look very unimaginative…

    People seem to be finishing with a HT…

    I’d hypothesise that;
    *it’s a recession
    *they’re cheep so get chopped and changed regularly so more likely to be the most recent purchase, where an expensive FS might be kept for longer.
    *it’s winter (or the end of anyway), so the serial bike swappers haven’t bought their summer bike yet and are still on winter singlespeeds. Or if you own multiple bikes its probably the most recently used in the mud.

    Premier Icon Fin

    Saracen Tuff Trax
    Kona Fire Mountain
    Kona Cinder Cone
    Kona Ah Ah
    Kona Kula
    Pace RC200
    Manitou FS
    Azonic AS1
    Coyote DH
    Coyote DH2
    Cannondale F700
    Specialized Enduro
    24/7 hardtail
    Specialized Enduro 4X
    Cannondale F700
    Specialized Enduro 4X
    Cove Playmate
    Turner AfterBurner
    Marin Attack Trail
    Marin Wolf Ridge
    Marin Attack Trail
    Marin Quake
    Marin Quake prototype
    Marin 4X special
    Yeti 4X
    Rose Granite Chief
    Rose Beef Cake
    Rose Bruce
    Rose Granite 2011
    Rose Beef Cake SL
    Rose Jester (coming soon) πŸ™‚


    Raleigh Mini Burner
    Falcon Pro BMX
    Diamond Back Sorrento
    Diamond Back Topanga (Hand-me-down from Dad)
    Giant XTC SX 2006
    SC Superlight 2009 (Still got)
    O-O Inbred
    Commencal Ti Flame (Still got)
    Kona Jake (Still got)

    More than I thought I’d had…

    Raleigh Commando.
    Carlton Arena.
    Trek 820.
    Merlin Mountain.
    Kona Explosif.
    Marin Rift Zone.
    Merlin XLM.
    on-one Inbred.
    Voodoo Sobo.
    Maverick ML8.
    Specialized Roubaix.

    Raleigh Commando
    Raleigh Eclipse (loved it, it was stolen. I think. I may have left it at school and walked home)
    Claud Butler something, an aluminium MTB
    Kona Hoss
    Santa Cruz Blur 4x
    Cotic Roadrat
    Speciializes Demo 7
    Lapierre Spicy
    Cotic Soul

    Still have the last 4.

    Premier Icon flap_jack

    Crikey, how do you all keep count ?
    My meagre list:
    Raleigh Montage (1989)
    M-Trax 4000 (1996)
    GT Zaskar (1997)
    Marin xc-frs (1999)

    The GT and the Marin are still going strong, can’t see anything I’d replace them with. Unlike the M-Trax whose frame crumpled in 9 months…


    Raleigh RSW 16 – Proper Brompton alike shopping bike
    Raleigh Grifter XL black And red – unbreakable
    Puch Clipper 10 speed – heaviest object known to man
    Apollo Colorado – ‘Mountain’ bike with caliper brakes
    Saracen Tufftrax – built before the Saracen wilderness years.
    An orange thing, BSO with massively oversive e-stay frame. – Uni Pub Bike.
    Specialized Stumpjumper M4 – Still have it.
    Whyte 46 – Completely the wrong bike for me.
    Giant Trance – my love for this bike could be considered ‘wrong’
    Cannondale SL1 29r – On Order – Delivery next week.

    Heh… two Raleigh Commandos. I thought I was the only kid who had neither a Chopper or a Grifter.


    Mountain Bikes Only:
    Claude Butler Vantage – My dad still has this to go to the paper shop on
    Gary Fisher Joshua X
    GT LTS
    GT STS Lobo DH
    Brand X jump bike
    Scott Octane DH bike
    Devinci Wilson
    Commencal MiniDH – Current

    Don’t think I have missed any

    Dawes Edge
    Trek 970
    GT Zaskar
    Kona Cindercone
    Santa Cruz Chameleon Mk1 #1
    Pashley 26MHz
    Orange MsIsle
    Santa Cruz Bullit
    Curtis SuperX
    Specialized Big Hit
    Tomac Magnum 204
    Santa Cruz Chameleon Mk2
    Santa Cruz Heckler
    Kona Lava Dome
    Cotic Soul
    On-One Inbred SS
    Cotic Roadrat (does that count as I did use it off-road sometimes?)
    Pashley 24MHz #1
    Santa Cruz Blur 4X (still got)
    On-One 456 Summer Season
    Pashley 24MHz #2
    PDC Kingpin (prototype – still got the frame hanging on the wall)
    Curtis S1 (still got)
    Santa Cruz Chameleon Mk1 #2 (still got)

    Think thats about it!


    Marin hardtail
    Marin Shoreline Trail full suspension
    Santa Cruz Chameleon
    Scott High Octane DH bike
    Specialized SX Trail
    Nukeproof Mega

    ridden a lot of others though.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Majority of mine are acquired either as frame only and bits transferred, or as a full bike and then bits transplanted. I have some favourite equipment that seem to go on and on……
    Have used numbers for approx chronology but added a/b/c categorization to show how various bike types have morphed too! Geeky or what.

    -2. Raleigh grifter (first offroad capable bike)
    -1. Proper home made tracker (3 spd sturmey archer, 700c wheels, cowhorn handlebars, etc.)

    Big gap for girls and beer and other sports until one day, the rebirth of my biking

    1. Diamondback Sorrento
    2. Specialized Rockhopper (CrMo/rigid, upgraded to RST Mozo pro)
    3. Frame swap for a merlin malt ltd ed
    4. Frame swap for a Fisher Paragon
    4a. Second bike – Marin Mount Vision
    5. Paragon swapped for a Rock lobster 853
    5a. MV frame swap for a Fisher Sugar
    6. RL853 modded to singlespeed
    6a. Fisher Sugar frame swap / part rejigging for a Giant Trance
    6b. Lemond road bike
    7. RL 853 converted back to gears
    7a. Giant Trance frame swapped / part rejigging to a Fuel Ex8
    7b. Lemond road bike sold and Kona Jake purchased instead
    7c. Acquired EBB Tinbred for SS duties
    8. RL853 frame swapped for orange P7 (long travel hardtail itch)
    8b. Sold Kona jake; not used enough
    9. Sold Orange P7 (itch scratched) and replaced by Fisher X-Cal 29er.
    10c. Tinbred frame swapped for Inbred 29er SS

    Using that as an analytical piece – I reckon the Fuel Ex will be the next to go, but depends how good bonuses are this year because the Inbred was a stopgap (wanted to go 29er but didn’t have the cash to go ’boutique’) so that may be in line for an upgrade (Salsa? Cotic? Niner?….)

    Premier Icon rosscopeco

    To date, bikes owned and loved:

    Raleigh (Yellow) Boxer (handed down to my sister)
    Raleigh (Blue) Grifter (snapped in half)
    Raleigh (Blue & Orange) Blueridge (cannie remember where it went)
    Orange (Slime Green) EVO 2 (sold on eBay)
    Orange (Black) EVO 4 (sold on eBay)
    Orange (Grey) 5 (still have one)
    Genesis (Gold ish) IO with Rohloff (sold here)
    Cotic (Brown) Simple with Rohloff (it’s a keeper!)

    Does this count as a good mountain bike pedigree?

    Heh… two Raleigh Commandos. I thought I was the only kid who had neither a Chopper or a Grifter.

    Me too. I feel a certain bond.


    1996 GT RTS
    1998 LTS 2000DS with Judy XL triple clamps
    1998 Specialized Stumpjumper M2
    1998 Intense Uzzi SL – Marzocchi Z1’s, Hope, Xtr
    1999 GT Zaskar – Judy 100, Lx, Mavic 521
    1999 GT I-drive XCR1000
    2000 Gary Fisher Supercalibre
    2002 Santacruz Superlite – Duke 100, Xt, Hope
    2004 Intense Tracer – Fox Float 130, XTr, Hope
    2005 Kona Kula
    2008 Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC 50
    2009 Cove Stiffee – Fox Float, Xt, Hope, Raceface
    2012 Cove Handjob – Maxle Revs, XT 1 x 10, Hope, Raceface
    2012 Evil Sovereign – yet to be built, but couldn’t resist for Β£269!

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