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  • What’s it worth #notastealthad.
  • gooner69
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    Have a guy interested in my Trek 9.9 2017 model.

    It has Piles, brand x dropper, full xtr groupset, DT Swiss xm1501(?) wheelset.

    New ish Vittoria tyres, Rental carbon fat bars and is in pretty good condition with a few rubs here and there as expected.

    Not sure where to start with a price though, he’s chasing me for the sale and my new bike is now imminent..

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    Piles – what cream for piles? Whole different thread

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    I don’t think I want a bike that has piles 😖

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    That’s auto correct for you🙂

    Thanks weeksy. I had in my mind 1250 ish so sounds about right 👍

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    A. How much do you want? B. How much does he want to pay?

    If B>A, continue with the sale.

    If A>B meet in the middle.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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