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  • What would you spec? GORE, Goodridge, XTR, Nokon, Jagwire…
  • XTR work well enough, the new Gore sealed/low friction system ace and is much better produced than the 1st generation.

    Premier Icon Dougal

    Always been really pleased with XTR, anything more always seems overkill.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Using Alligator I-links at the moment, having tried all the other ones you mention. They're pretty good, more faff than standard cables though, for virtually no return.

    Avoid Nokons, they creak and are generally a bit lame. Gore ones aren't really worth the money either IMO, they don't last any longer.

    I'd probably just use bog standard Shimano SP-41 cables, and change them fairly regularly.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    XTR for me – sealed ferrules and the like. They are not overly-generous with thier outer in the all-in-one packs though, so you might need a little extra outer depending upon frame size…


    XTR if you want grey. XT (SP-41) if you want black.
    Both work well.


    XTRs work very well, but I've found the outers are a bit brittle and split easily.

    Goodridge work well and are basically a fully sealed system, although the thin sheath that covers the exposed section of cable on the sets I've bought has been blue. The outers match Goodridge brake hose quite well though…

    Nokons are silly light, but apparently creak and are expensive.

    What about Powercordz? Even sillier lighter and even more expensiver…

    …and this is getting really quite geeky now…


    never had Nokons creak. Excellent bit of kit. Mind, the newer Gore ones are really nice too.


    transfil flying snakes

    Premier Icon njee20

    I-links are cheaper, lighter, easier to fit and less creaky (you're in the minority Andy) than Nokons!

    Powercordz inners aren't bad, but the consensus seems to be to avoid the newer 1.2mm ones, once clamped the coating comes off, so if you need to adjust the pinch bolt or owt it's very difficult. The older 1.5mm ones are more durable. Again, I'm not sure I'd bother in the future!

    Premier Icon funkynick

    I've got Transfil Mud Lovers on my 5 Spot, which seem to work rather nicely, and have just got another set for the other halfs new Juliana…

    Not had any problems with them at all…

    Premier Icon lowey

    I've had the outers fray quite badly on 2 sets of mud lovers.

    XTR or Gore for me.


    Transfil mud lovers or flying snakes for me.


    I'm building the bike I always wanted – a 2001 GT Zaskar team.

    What gear cables perform best and look the part (no garish colours!)? Nokon, GORE, Goodridge, Jagwire etc…

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    I've just binned a set of gore gear cables. They were on a bike I've had four year. However, they were transplanted to that bike from another one.

    I think I'll replace them with the same.


    Jagwire pre-stretched for me. 8)

    transfil mudlovers or flying snakes here too. Very similar to the original Gore stuff, without the silly prices. Venhill also used to do a similar set.


    +1 for XTR. Ive used gore before & I dont think they are as good.


    i bought 5 or 10m meters of sp41 from starbike yonks ago cheaply, works rather well, prefer it over flying snake
    cutting sp41 is more critical though, hack trough it and it will split

    good-ridge r nice,had gore on a v set up,an was very smooth

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