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  • TurnerGuy

    For my wife 3 door Toyota RAV4?

    215/70 R16 required – tubeless but no spaff (!)

    She has the OEM Bridgestone Duellers on – getting low at the back – which a lot of people don’t seem to like – and we don’t either since some dodgy aquaplaning on the A303 a few months ago in the heavy rain.

    So really want something that is decent in the rain (so no pirellis…) and oriented to ‘full-time’ tarmac duty 🙂

    I’ve looked at the new rating systems that the tires now have but these, particularly the wet ratings, seem to bear no relationship to comments from users in the tyre reviews.

    So the options I am thinking of are:

    1. Falken Land Air T110s

    – cheapest but I haven’t found any bad comments about them, just good ones. The local fitting shop stocks lots of them and dismisses me paying loads more for Michelins (for example) as not worth it, although they will obviously make more margin from them. 80/20 off/on road – 9mm of tread depth.

    2. Michelin Latitude Tour HP

    – seen loads of good comments and only a couple of bad ones that were comparing them to the model they replaced. Most expensive of the options I am looking at – might have good wear rates as well. The tire ratings for rolling resistance and wet weather performance are C whereas many of the SUV tyres languish around E for these.

    3. Avon Ranger TSE

    – only seen a few comments – seem to be pretty decent and grippy but wear rates are high

    4. Uniroyal Rallye 4×4

    – the ‘rain tyre’ company – not seen a lot of comments but the ones I have seen imply they feel a bit funny inflation wise in the dry as the rubber is designed to work best when cold and wet and so be resistant to changes due to the temperature

    Any views ?


    Falkens it is then, just found a load of reviews from unhappy Michelin Tour HP users…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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