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  • gibbo1985

    Tyre leaver, tube, shock pump, tyre pump, tie wraps, multi tool, chain tool and water and never needed any of it, apart from the water, but the day i dont take it ill need it.


    Some talk of what happens when it all goes t-up somewhere “remote”, extra layers, blankets, first aid kits….. am I really the only one who heads off into the hills (solo, and often at times of the day/week when I might not see another person the whole ride) with a …


    It costs pennies, weighs virtually nothing and takes up virtually no space in your camelbak/saddlebag/pocket. And it might just save your life. Take a whistle. Especially if somewhere remote. Or alone. Or even round the back of Argos come to think of it – might be handy if some local scrotes decide to mug you for your bike down a quiet towpath of an evening?

    And as for “remote” vs distance from a road – I ride locally on a lot on trails that are probably never more than half a mile from a road or house, but on some of those trails I might not see another soul, I’m not visible from any roads / houses and if I have a big “off” and can’t walk out (a simple busted or seriously sprained ankle would do that), the whistle is just as likely to come out of the pack as it would out in the hills…


    Inner tubes.
    Kendal Mint cake.
    Pipe Tobacco.
    Trenching tool.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I carry a good amount of spares. Never really needed them myself but have ended up fixing riding partners bikes on several occasions. Cold and wet and a couple of hours walk from the car with an under-prepared friend can test your sense of humour somewhat. A few simple spares weighing next to nothing and you’re on your way again. can’t see why you wouldn’t.

    Coming from Whitewater kayaking where situations can get pretty’uncomfortable’ pretty quickly in some quite inaccessible places, I can really see the logic in taking a few simple steps to not only make sure you can complete your trip without outside help, but also, to get back to having fun asap……


    Puncture repair kit, spare tube, pump, chain tool, spare bit of chain/powerlink, and a few allen keys. I rarely ride with a bag though, it’s shit.

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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