what is your dream bike that you would keep forever??

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  • what is your dream bike that you would keep forever??
  • renton

    As title really.

    I’ve got itchy feet with the 5 spot and as I’ve just had an operation on my wrist I’m not able to ride currently so trying to sell it on.

    My next Bike is going to be the Bike I keep! However I’m really not sure what that would be? Does that make sense?

    What would be your dream bike that you would keep?

    It doesn’t have to cost the earth either.

    Current idea is a kinesis sync.




    1996 Explosif


    I’ve put it away for the summer but I’m struggling to see a reason to ever get rid of my Blue Pig.


    I think I already have that bike, it’s a Yeti Asr7 built with the best parts I could afford and it rides so well. My only complaint is that it smooths out the trails so much that around my way, MK, there isn’t much I can’t manage even with my skill!!! Still shouldn’t complain really…..


    OP how long have you been a mountainbiker?


    16lb titanium and steel aero 29er+ 6″ travel dh xc racing, cyclo cross bike with full panniers,that I can ride at the skate park.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    It used to be my 456ti but then I sold it and got a blur, now it’s the blur.

    Nothing lasts forever.

    95 Team Marin. Steel, of course.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    I think I’ve got it with out realising. In 2006 I got a turner 6-pack. I’ve never had a bike that long before and did start looking around for a replacement last year but found nothing I’d rather be riding. Instead, I have front and rear shocks upgraded by Craig at avalanche.

    Premier Icon AD

    Bontrager Race – currently a singlespeed but I’m thinking about making it 1×10 just because I can. Great bike but I couldn’t see anyone buying one now (26″ wheels and way too steep angles…)


    Cynical al – around 24 years!

    Why do you ask?

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    I bought my dream bikes. Now, because I haven’t had any money, I’ve kept them for like, forever 🙂


    My already 11 year old 2003 specialized sx supercross.

    Iconic and having just built it again this afternoon undoubtedly one of the most fun bikes ever. …

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    1994 Stumpjumper in Green
    1995 Kona Explosif Pro in that metallic black with XC Pro
    Pace RC200 (I did actually buy a minter, and genuinely thought I would keep that forever, but was forced to sell it to fund house purchase. I should be gutted, but it went to such a good home, I’m not.)

    Oh, and any IBIS, because they are just lovely to look at.

    b r

    My 456Ti is now in its 6th year, and my only bike.

    Ridden it 3 times this week already 🙂


    I’m still riding a 2003 5 Spot which I guess is as close to forever as it gets round here.


    I’ve ridden 2

    1. Circa 2000 dekerf team st. Smooth and sharp.
    2. 1999 kona explosif – ridiculously perfect geometry. Just perfect.

    I’ve ridden a lot of different stuff over the years but these 2 were head and shoulders above the rest despite having less travel.


    for some reason i really would like one of those (and would keep it too).

    have never ridden one,but from all the rave reviews it has had from people who do like them,it’s meant to be awesome.i do love the look of it too 😀 no chance of affording one though at present 🙁

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I honestly cant see me ever getting rid of my SIR.9
    It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a bike.
    And, it’s getting a 29+ front on it for summer. 😀

    Premier Icon manton69

    I brought this back in 1992 as it was a team bike cast off. Still looks and ride amazingly. I still love the Paris Roubaix rims that it came with. The strongest wheels I have ever owned. If it is nce tomorrow I think it may get a spin out. (this is not mine, but the closest image that I could post)


    A nice custom rigid 29er, disc only, singlespeedable, lots of clearance, lots of mounts, lightweight and springy, not a Jones.


    A dream bike needs to be somthing to aspire to IMO
    I have an enduro sx 2003 vintage and it’s very good and lots of fun but a dream bike Erm no

    For me something custom made for me and probably ti and most lily a road bike but for discs and 28c tyres

    Premier Icon Tracey

    I got mine a couple of years ago. S Works Enduro. Cant imagine changing it.


    A custom Ti road bike with Enve or Zipp wheels, Enve carbon finishing kit, Dura ace etc.

    Premier Icon on and on

    I have my dream bike. A cannondale scalpel 2012.
    It’s a custom build so a lot of time went into building it and selecting the parts.

    Would I keep it forever? Probably not. I build bike’s, enjoy them then move on.

    I currently have seven bikes and none are safe when it comes to the PX list.

    All of the Bikes I’ve owned. Its always the next one. I’m hoping the one that I’m chasing my young kids down a muddy path on and we are all laughing our heads off together.

    Premier Icon porter_jamie

    I quite fancy a custom 853 hardtail single speed. With 26″ wheels.


    My jones, my blacksheep and id like an engin and a wolfhound to go with them

    Premier Icon jameso

    I have a real-life keeper that I can see me riding at 60+ with a different spec on it. It’s already done me proud over a number of big rides and makes me grin on local trails that I know almost too well.

    Doesn’t matter what it is, but there are bikes like that out there. They tend to be non-suspended, steel, capable of a wide range of use and unfashionable : ) If I had a road-biased version of it I could look forward to being a mainly 2-bike garage with some space at last.


    When Orange build a Clockwork with correction for 120mm forks, using 853, that will do.


    Think mine will be a Santa Cruz Solo. I love my Mojo HD140, it’s a brilliant bike to ride, but it’s a little small and sometimes its a pain to live with, nothing major just a few little niggles that my perfect bike wouldn’t have. Having ridden the Solo recently I can’t think of anything wrong with it, later in the year I will have one!

    an old Hutch /Diamond Back Harry Leary Turbo / Kuwahara/ Mongoose / Supergoose or similar.

    My current surly karate monkey (built as a dingle speed cross bike atm), enough fork to go for 100mm of travel if needed, lots of rack mounts, mounts everything on it possible (including things I’m not sure I will ever have or need) and its custom decorated (shameless blog plug) and as it was the misses who decorated it I am never going to get rid of it, its too perfect for me.


    Pretty much got mine…
    Lynskey pro 29vf


    Im still wondering why Cynical-al was asking how long Ive been mtb’ing for?? ❓


    Ditchvisitor…. whats going on with that downtube??


    Ive tended to think that mine would be a custom Seven Sola, probably steel something like Tange Prestige, but I would take their advice really. Although, a Sola Ti would be very nice too. 120mm forks and I’m currently pondering whether to have swappable drop outs…

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