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  • What have you left behind in a hotel?
  • Your phone/tablet or something like a brand new £5K wedding dress or the deeds to a £2Million property?

    The list from travelodge is here and contains some unusual items, especially when you consider they are a budget chain

    Premier Icon DavidB
    Premier Icon Mintyjim

    Big Tits 4 DVD, I was gutted.

    One hiking boot, that they rigourously denied having possession of.


    I have left (in no order)
    Bikes stuff:
    New pair of Sidi’s (roadies)
    New Rapha windtop
    New Rapha 3/4 bibs
    Front wheel (roadie)

    Dinghy stuff:
    Thermal Tops (many)
    Tiller extension
    Spare road trailer wheel
    Jib for an RS200
    Kite for an RS200
    Kite for an RS700

    The only bits I got back were the tiller extension and 2 kites and jib, the rest it seemed were either halfinched by the cleaners or the Hotel couldn’t find the stuff… hmmmmm…

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Passport. It was 6 months before I realised. They still had it, although they could have called me?!

    Premier Icon woody2000



    Knowing someone that works in hotels, it’s the stuff that gets left behind deliberately (and the people who ask for the same room each time they stay) that is the most amusing.

    Hello Brian, Room 234 again is it?

    30 minutes later….

    Going out Brenda? Have a pleasant evening.


    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    One earing of a pair of expensive diamond earings (Missus’s). Expensive hotel trip that one!

    Premier Icon footflaps

    A partly dismembered body…


    I left a pair of shoes I didn’t want, expecting/hoping they would be binned. I also left my phone charger at the same time, completely by accident, so had to return to collect both and then binned the shoes straight after.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Deeds are only worth the paper they’re written on, so the whole “£2m house” is a bit of a red herring.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    A pair of trousers was the most annoying.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    my wallet whislt backpacking in peru

    realised as I was boarding a bus at the other end of town at midnight, rang the hotel, the maid jogged all the way accross town with it and I had to force her to accept a few pounds as a thankyou !

    this place, if you are ever in Nazca, you should check them out

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    My inhibitions?


    My sense of self worth.

    Premier Icon njee20

    The only bits I got back were the tiller extension and 2 kites and jib, the rest it seemed were either halfinched by the cleaners or the Hotel couldn’t find the stuff… hmmmmm…

    Serves you right for being a forgetful oaf!

    Nothing more than a phone charger for me.

    I did once leave the bed, but returned for it later.

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Senile olympus mju 6000 camera (thank God for that).
    Numerous blackberry chargers
    Numerous iPhone chargers
    The Simpson’s Movie on DVD.
    Several WD passport drives and USB leads
    Many many schuko and US to 3-pin flat adapters. I stopped this from happening by re-wiring one UK 6-gang extension with a schuko plug and another with a US two pin.

    Just a gloopy trail once or twice.

    Not manually extracted though 😀


    dabble – Member

    & a feeling of guilt & shame along with a purposefully incorrect phone number.

    I used to work in hotels and one very upmarket one in particular. The lost property policy was that if unclaimed after 3 months the “finder” would get the item back.
    I got quite a few things including a Levi 501 jacket, a pair of Oakleys and 2 x signed framed landscape prints worth about £400 which I gave to my mum!
    Colleagues regularily received golf clubs including full sets and on one occasion an 18ct gold Mt Blanc pen.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    My curiosity


    Without a word of a lie, I lost my car between xmas and new year and found it three days later in the Hilton car park.

    A load of us were staying there and I had apparently been whinging that the free parking was due to end where I had parked my car. My car somewhow made its way to the hotel (definitely wasn’t me) and no one knew anything about it. I was ready for calling the police to report it stolen and then someone found a car park ticket in a bath robe when we were checking out some days later. If we’d not found that ticket then I’d have left it at the hotel 🙂

    A lesson in alcohol moderation perhaps, however it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever managed to lose.

    Premier Icon portlyone

    My birthday presents (when I was 13) 🙁

    Also in Peru, but not in Nazca.

    Dignity and fluid

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    +1 my dignity

    Although strictly speaking, I lost it just outside a hotel room, having got up in the night for a wee, gone through the door into the hallway instead of the door into the bathroom, and realised just as the door closed behind me. Thus making me do the walk of shame down to the reception, in just a pair of pants.

    I did lose a pair of suit trousers too, but I got those back.


    A mate has done the walk of shame after getting the wrong door, although unfortunately he was in his birthday suit. He managed to grab a towel off a trolley near reception before asking for a key. The staff gave the impression this was a regular occurrence even at 8.30am.

    I know of the partner of a famous sportsman who left her dildo at a certain Palace!!!! A friend of mine had to reacquaint her with the missing item. All done in “the best possible taste.”

    Premier Icon kimbers

    my favourite mask


    I know of the partner of a famous sportsman who left her dildo at a certain Palace!!!! A friend of mine had to reacquaint her with the missing item.

    Is there more to this story? 😯


    I don’t see why it’s so hard to leave with everything you came with! Check the bloody room before you leave.


    All the passports.

    My wife realised when I’d driven an hour homewards, we had to turn round and get them. Didn’t really need to add another 2 hours to a 750km drive with 2 small kids. 😳


    On different occasions:-
    My sanity

    My cherry!


    In my defence M’lord I left the packing of the Dinghy stuff to my then LTG, though to be fair she was normally very good at this sort of thing however on this occasion she failed misserably and I didn’t check under the cover of the boat..
    And the bike stuff (on a completely different trip) I mislaid (cough) having being invited to stay with a very nice Lady at her place for a couple of nights in Verese, who in thier right mind would turn that down I ask you, who?? I packed the van quickly and had to high tail it out of there sharpish.. 😉 😆


    My Rapha Merino base layer.
    Still miss it.

    Once though, I left behind some Shower Gel, because it was almost finished. The hotel called me, and asked if I wanted it posted on to somewhere else, or should they dispose of it!

    Premier Icon Bregante

    My first wife.
    Worst holiday ever.


    Opposite thing really, but when on honeymoon in Sri Lanka last year, we were about an hour down the road from the hotel we had overnighted at (we did a 6 day tour) and the guide’s mobile phone rang.
    Did I still have the (presumably only) room key on me still, as they couldn’t find it. Cue huge embarassment as i pulled a key from my pocket with a fob on it about the size of a large block of post-it notes. How I had failed to give it in, I don’t know!
    In my defence they didn’t ask for it….ahem.
    Luckily the guide new a shop on the main road that were happy to look after the key until one of the staff could come and collect it. I felt very guilty!!

    Two things… White shirt (presumably left tangled in the white sheets), and more recently my wife left a 9mm in the room safe of a Texas Hilton. A frantic drive back and the staff were happy to let us go get it. Being Texas, it probably happens all the time :/


    Totally different subject bikebouy, if you’ve did any RS200 events 3+ years ago (children have out it on pause a bit) there’s a very good chance we’ve had a beer together…! I’m often drinking with Pete (Uggs) and MrsBits occasionally crews for him when she’s sick of me making her swim!


    ^^ Haha indeed we probably have. Used to do the Como/Garda Euro’s and most of the UK RS Events… 200551 and latterly 700803&910…
    Based at HISC…

    Small world this. 😀


    Yep, def would have done then as done several events at HISC including series, nationals and anniversary regatta 200832 was mine, but often seen in anything with anyone I could, as long as they didn’t mind being at the back of the fleet!!
    Looking to get an 800 with a mate who sails IC’s and Int 14’s in the hope we can have a bit of fun together until kids are old enough to sail.

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