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  • What bikes haven't I thought of? (long travel 29er)
  • wobbliscott

    I’m after the same and though I change my mind regularly i’m starting to settle on the Transition Covert 29er build spec 2 (140mm front and rear). Colours are a bit plain, but I’m not that bothered about it looking too flash, attracts less attention that way.

    Had thought about changing my 5 last year but am hanging on to try Orange’s 140mm 29er. Never been a fan of big wheels but coming round to the idea.

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    Can I recommend a company that has been at it longer than most?

    I have a previous generation Ventana El Capitan, which is 130mm, and will take 140mm forks, and I love it. My fabulous do almost everything bike (although, for the alps, a very rough 3 days riding convinced me it was not enough bike!).

    The new generation looks even more lovely, tapered headtube, bigger seat tube (30.9), 120 or 140 travel. I think I am riding 21″ btw, 6’4″ and a 34″ inseem. slammed 70mm 0 rise stem, and like a glove it fits, like a glove.

    I would get one of these.




    This was my choice (although I already had a Nicolai Helius FR so it was a pretty obvious choice)… a 140mm travel Nicolai Helius AC 29er.


    Ive recently built up a 2013 Ellsworth Evolution 29er, its epic!


    Maybe of little help as the Large Tallboys have a 24″ TT but, just in case;


    Tallboy carbon frame 2099 Euro
    Tallboy alloy frame 1499 Euro


    I’ve gone for the horsethief, as it seemed the best compromise for what I wanted in a bike – and comes in a good size. Once it arrives and I’ve got it built I’ll post back…and how I get one once I’ve ridden it a bit.

    I hear what folk are saying about the chainstays, but then they aren’t everything and it’s not been a huge issue for me before…but we’ll see. Pros and cons to long stays, as with everything!


    I have it’s predecessor, the Salsa Big Mama which has silly long chainstays (a std shimano chain has to be lengthened to fit a 3×9 drivetrain) and i’ve never had an issue with the handling and i also have a super short rear ended Honzo as well. Can’t say i really notice any difference in the real world.

    Post up some pics once the Horsethief is done, it’ll be interesting to see it.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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