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  • JonEdwards


    Been asked to source, and I quote:-

    a TV/DAB aerial splitter box (coax lead from
    satellite dish input, TV/DAB outputs

    Now not having a TV or a DAB radio, I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for.

    Is it going to be something simple like this?
    Or do I need an amplified version (ie this )

    Or am i barking up completely the wrong tree and need something completely different…?

    I can probably figure out what’s needed if I could see the proposed installation, but I’m working rather blind here.


    Premier Icon ton

    are you looking split satellite signal?
    or to combine tv/dab signal?
    from what you have been asked for, the things you posted wont do.
    the 1st is a tv splitter and the second is a powered amplifier, to split tv signal to 4 tv’s.


    I’m guessing to split Satellite signal?

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    Stop guessing and find out?

    The first link you posted will be suitable for splitting a terrestrial TV signal for use as an FM aerial. I’m assuming DAB isn’t wholly dissimilar, as I’ve a DAB docking station which uses a crappy flying wire as an antenna just like FM would. From a satellite feed though, I’ve no idea. My gut feeling is that’s a bit odd.


    Sounds like they want to split the feed from the dish

    If that’s the case it’s far simpler to do it by using an LNB with more outputs
    otherwise something like this

    Premier Icon ton

    this will split satellite to 4 other points.

    ring 01132633500 ask for alex, tell him i told you to ring, he will sort you out.


    OK, I’ve found out some more – actually sounds very simple.

    There’s an amplified feed from the sat dish to the room in question. We simply need to split this to allow a TV and a DAB radio to plug in.

    The guy thinks he wants one of these, but he’s simply not in a position to go and get it himself.

    Thanks for the advice!


    So he wants satellite radio?

    What equipment is he going to connect to?
    The feed from the dish will not give him a DAB signal
    If he’s going to use a separate sat box for sat radio, that splitter will work but ……

    They’ll only give certain combinations of transponders as they need to change the voltage and band for various channels, any 2 channels you wanted would have to be the same polarity and band.
    Either that or make sure only one is powered up at any time

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