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  • Turbo Trainer set-up help – Am I doing owt wrong?
  • Premier Icon kayak23

    Good evening.
    I’m trying to set up my turbo trainer and can’t seem to get anything happening.

    I have a Suunto Ant+ USB stick.
    Decathlon speed/cadence sensor
    Elite Mag turbo trainer.
    Trainer Road installed.
    Dialled Prince Albert Mountainbike.

    I’m thinking maybe it’s to do with the distance from the spokes to the sensor which is presumably less on a road bike. For this reason I’ve tried to mount the sensor in-board of the chainstays.

    Looking at the below pics, is there anything glaringly obvious I’m missing?

    I got the devices to pair a bit ago, then got on the bike and started pedalling in the Trainer road test program, but nothing happened…

    Pedal cadence sensor with magnet in pedal-end

    Speed sensor mounted inboard to get it a bit closer to the spoke sensor.

    Laptop taking forever and not finding the device.

    Anyone experienced in this?
    Cheers. 😐


    Flat pedals.
    That’s your fault.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Keeping it real innit.. 8)


    It’s something to do with the decathlon sensor not broadcasting it’s ID. I told the guy sat trainer road about it a year or so ago and they said they would add the feature necessary but it’s not happened.

    Solution, buy a different sensor :/

    Premier Icon kayak23


    I am managing to link them though. I mean the Ant USB eventually finds the sensor, usually if I wave the magnet near to it.
    Just doesn’t register any pedalling.

    Have you got the sensor the right way round? on the garmin one the body is the cadence sensor and the arm picks up the speed, I dont think that would be close enough even on my road bike.


    Sorry for the hijack Kayak but how much does trainer road cost per month?

    about 6 quid depending on exchange rate to the dollar


    Magnet does look to far away, my Garmin sensor has a plastic arm that can be moved closer to the wheel if needed and is only 1 or 2 mm away, anymore and it becomes erratic for me.


    I have that decathlon sensor and it works fine with trainerroad. However, the speed magnet has to be REEEEALLY close to the sensor otherwise you get nothing. I twist the magnet so it’s sticking out from the spokes.

    Premier Icon parkesie

    Gap way to big


    I would say all your gaps are too big.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    It seems to be pretty much working now I think after I tried to get the gaps smaller. Thanks folks.
    I’ll continue to fiddle…

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