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  • Tubeless Tyres & Winter Storage
  • silasgreenback
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    Just wondering the best thing to do for storing my summer road bike and it’s tubeless setup.

    Normally, with tubes i’d just service it, hang it in my garage, tyres would slowly deflate then come spring, pump em up, quick bike service & go.

    Now i’ve gone tubeless is it the same thing but as well as pumping up just put some more tubeless sealant in come spring or should i be taking tyres off, cleaning out sealant at the end of winter then starting again with tubless set up come spring? Which isa bit of a ball ache for the odd nice day in winter where the summer bike might venture out.

    I dont usually have problems setting up tubeless, its just a job i hate and would rather avoid! Bare minimum of intervention if i can help it!

    And i dont ride it all year round as winter is time for heavy bike with mudguards.

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    Could you stick the wheels on the winter bike?

    Otherwise maybe just get into the habit of spinning the wheels occasionally just to redistribute the sealant?

    I do this with the MTB which sadly sees very little use these days, tyres seem to be holding pressure fine.

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    Was wondering about the sealant clumping / drying up and turning to sludge but just had an inspection and still fine after 4minths on the wall! Bit more than winter storage for that bike but another story!

    Think i’ll do as you suggest and just get down every now and then to spin them up.

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    My summer road bike is also tucked away for winter. I spin the wheels every couple of eeeks and also blow them up monthly, as they will go down from 80 something to 40 something over that period. Come Spring I will check the sealant as I suspect there’s not much left as they have been on for over a year.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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