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    They’ve been cutting the budget for welfare which has widened the gap between the poor and the middle income groups. So basically Sweden has been becoming more like the rest of Europe and it’s not working


    Wot jambalaya said. I read about this yesterday with raised eyebrows. As soon as I looked into it a but more, I read this on another article:

    The rise of the right-wing Sweden Democrats party, which has called for a curfew in response to the violence, has polarised Swedes. The polls show most people still favour immigration though the majority is diminishing.

    *is disappoint*


    On OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) figures, Sweden has seen the biggest increase in inequality of any developed country over the past 25 years.

    Often cited on here as the socio-economic model we should aspire to….


    Paradise? 😯 That is a country with big time problem waiting to happen because of their own small indigenous population. It’s like inviting others to take over your own home. How silly is that? They can’t breed faster than others put it this way …

    It is bound to happen sooner or later big time because the Swedes are so ignorant or naive of the fact that they are not up to task to deal with other cultures or to be seen as kind … their kindness will not be repaid. This is the second generation of idealistic Swedes and one day they will wake up not even knowing what hit them. A country like that absorbing so many from other part of the world … hmmm … their population cannot sustain that. Also they lack the experience to handle others unlike the UK with her vast history of administering half the world.

    To the Swedes your system is so idealistic you are in dreamland … wake up and smell the coffee.

    Trying to emulate the Swedish system … 🙄 … you might as well jump from the highest building in the world. The Swedes are so detach from the real world they are unreal. Even people in the 3rd world say the Swedes are very naive put it nicely …

    If the Norwegian and Icelandic follow the Swedish way big time … within 2 generations they will be minority. Fact. The Finns are at least trying to control the influx while the Dans are managing.



    p/s: I was once in a land (once far far away “paradise”) with indigenous population of 3 million but within roughly two generations 1/4 of the population are non-indigenous. Yes, the politicians decided to boost vote by accepting vast number of “refugees” at the expense of the natives. (this example is in the 3rd world by the way and yes the let in refugees with certain religious denomination)

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