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  • roper

    Any of these,

    I have the lightest one which is very breathable, light, has good back support, easily adjustable, sun and rain shade and the stand works well when you want to take it off and put it on.
    I use it on a daily basis and it has not torn , ripped or even been marked in any way.


    I'm really liking our LifeVenture Voyager S2 – a bit pricey but might comfy, 12-month old daughter seems to really like it (not keen in getting in it, but once in and lifted onto shoulders she loves it).

    Loads of adjustment – I've got a long back and my wife doesn't, but the backpack has a lot of adjustment so we both get a comfy carry out of it.

    There are others in the range, but my wife fancied all the bells and whistles as they were included (and would have cost more to buy at a later stage)…so far everything has been used with great success.


    On the back of the useful post about holidaying in Pembroke, we are off there at the end of August, and I would like to get some walking in. So…

    What carrier/backpack thing for an 18month old toddler would people recommend – ideally needs to fit slim yummy mummy and be adjustable to fit slightly larger daddy. Also needs good lumbar/back support as I have a dodgy back…


    Premier Icon andyfla

    We have a medium Macpac, bloody awesome, very adjustable and as they are designed as an expedition type pack they are comfortable as well, took our little tike out for 6 hours in the lakes last year and was fine at the end.
    Expensive, but good resale value and very well made

    Premier Icon igm

    Little Life Cross Country here and good experiences again – but I'd go to your local walking shop and try on what they have.

    A good waist band and adjustable length back (as you both want to use it)are essential but I'd worry less about the lumbar support as the weight should be on your hips not your shoulders. I also have a dodgy back and have no problems caused by the child carrier.
    Also look for plenty of grab handles to make getting it on and off easier.

    Apart from that it's like bikes – try them on for size. And make sure they have a representative weight in them when you try them on.


    cool. will take a trip into town one weekend with the little blighter and try some out.

    cheers all.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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