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  • tips for taking up running without killing my legs
  • oblique

    I have followed the advice in here but didn’t use any of the plans. Loads of stretches, run/walk etc. The first week i did three two mile run/walks and felt fine. Second week went up to three miles. the first run was ok but gave me a niggling ache in my knee 5 days later it was feeling better so did 3 miles in 30 mins and was quite happy but it has left my knee really painful. Gave it 5 days off but was still too painful to run this weekend. It is now painful to run and aches when walking. I guess i should i give myself more time off with ice and ibuprofen gel and go back to 2 miles but should i go out for bike rides in the mean time or will the hinder my knees recovery?

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    Recipe for Happiness: Find what you’re not cut out to do and stop doing it.
    Recipe for Misery: As above, but keep doing it.

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    This book changed my life. Totally inspiring and makes you want to run more

    Born to Run


    This one was quite good, but I’m also a fan of his normal books.

    EDIT: As normal as he gets, anyway.

    crispy bacon

    Sorry oblique for the hijack but I just thought I’d update my progress towards my first half marathon on 29th May.

    I’m managing to get for 3 x training runs most weeks & I’m also off road riding, commuting & playing footie too to help out. Today I did my first 8 mile non-stop run & I’m currently running @ 10 min mile pace. Ok I’m not gonna set any records but I’m confident that I can complete the distance on the day albeit slowly.

    I’m grateful for the tips on here from the regular runners you really have helped a newbie out. The best tips i’ve had are:

    walk the first 400m & last 400m as a warm up/warm down
    do stretches before & after running
    don’t tie your laces too tight
    don’t increase your distance too much too soon
    don’t run too fast pace yourself
    don’t wear a T shirt under your running top in mild weather – Christ I also died running that day 😥
    build in rest days to recover
    I prefer to run first thing before breakfast & before it gets too hot

    Thanks once again & only 5 weeks to the big one!



    I’m finding this confusing…

    crispy bacon

    Hi Guys

    Well today it was the big one for me at the Plymouth Half Marathon. I managed to complete the route in 2hrs 20mins which was about 30mins faster than I thought I’d do it in.

    Many Thanks to all those who gave advice on running, training & clothes/shoes etc. It was very much appreciated.

    Well done, but what kept you? 😀


    Nice one. Never mind SBZ…he fails to comprehend how anyone could take any more than an hour to do it. I believe he’s probably the fastest runner here…whatever the distance 🙄

    oop north

    Good effort! I have taken up running to try and get fit, doing 5k 3 or 4 times a week in 30 mins, its killing me!! I don’t know how people manage to run 10k or more…it seems a long way off for me.

    crispy bacon

    oop north – keep going mate & build up slowly. I’m 50 in a month & I was out running 2 or 3 times a week from February, starting with 1mile, then 2.5, then 4, then 5, then 7 & finally 8miles non-stop.

    For me pacing myself was the key to running the 13.1 miles & was also for me a run into unknown territory but the people cheering me on seemed to help. Don’t give up mate & keep up the training runs. I’ve also noticed the benefits from running with more endurance on my bike rides too 😉


    you run on your bike rides?

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