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  • slowoldgit

    Has no-one else commended English Breakfast? I find that hard to believe. Fast with a teabag, slower in one of them Bodum filter pots, either way out of a bone china mug.


    We been buying some rather nice “normal tea”, Miles tea (loose and bags) of late, trouble is I can’t drink it all the time, I crave a Tetley (or PG)… it’s almost like going cold turkey… No idea what they put in it but I can’t go without.

    Otherwise mug or pot should be warmed before use, teabag and milk should never and I mean never meet.
    You can enjoy your earl grey (or coffee), to me it smell/taste like rubbish, and if I can live with you enjoying that, live with me enjoying PG Tips/tetley or Yorkshire and two sugars!

    PS: I don’t like bone china, give me a decent sized, but not huge, ceramic mug

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    1) Don’t use boiling water.

    Of course, you can if you want, but don’t be surprised if your tea tastes bitter.

    (Add a dash of cold water to the mug/pot first, then hot water, then allow the water to warm the mug/pot, then add your tea/bag/s)

    2) take out the tea/bag/s when it’s ready – personal preference, but you can get a good brew surprisingly quickly

    Try it without milk, tea doesn’t have to taste bitter. By all means feel free to brew your tea how you bloody well like, but you don’t need to live with bitter tea that needs milk to make it drinkable.

    Lapsang souchon is my choice atm.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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