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  • Things that you didn’t like but now embrace
  • didnthurt
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    Now keep this clean 😆

    I’ll go first:
    – 29″ wheels
    – Tubeless
    – 1 X gears
    – 27.5″ plus wheels and tyres
    – Gravel riding
    – Lycra
    – Road clipless pedals and shoes
    – Christmas pudding
    – Whisky
    – Growing a beard
    – Getting old

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    Do you mean didn’t like or didn’t like the idea of?

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    Either or both?

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    – Getting old

    That can **** off!

    I thought life was meant to be simple by your mid 50s! I wish I’d wasted more of my life in my youth! 🙂

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    Olives, under 30 I hated them, the something changed and I’ve loved them ever since. NB This is the edible version as opposed to pipe sealing type..

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    cashew nuts

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    out washing, hated laundry but don’t mind it now.

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    Ebikes – sorry. I always hated the idea…the usual fat, lazy bar stewards, just a motorbike yadda yadda. I spouted it all. Then I had a go on one….they’re just great fun. I still get a great workout, but I now get double the downhill runs I used to in the same space of time. Whats not to like??.

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    Olives and cherries.

    Free Member

    Belle and Sebastian

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    Haven’t done it for a couple of years because I didn’t like it.

    Will be doing it again from next month onwards. I’ve got more enthusiasm for it this time round as it’ll be about helping less fortunate folks instead of making money for some greedy ****.

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    As a child, I hated going to bed. Now I love it and can’t get enough.


    Hated it till I was about 22. Now love it.

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    michael portillo.

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    Riding on roads.

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    The song ‘Teenage Dirtbag’

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    A cheese sandwich isn’t the same without it now.

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    Another +1 for ebikes. But i’m being honest about the fact it makes it easier!

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    – 27.5 & 29.
    – Tubeless (it seemed such a faff, but now I don’t ever bother swapping tyres to match weather conditions it’s DHF fir everything).
    – XC and uphill
    – Road bikes
    – Ebikes.

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    Running, I always hated it and was rubbish at it, then started training for some stuff a few years ago including running. Now I can’t do it because of Achilles and gout issues, I’m really missing it.

    Sprouts, but only if fried with bacon and some garlic!

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    Nothing much. I was always right.

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    The Labour Party. Brought up in a bluer than a very blue thing that’s having a particularly blue day household it took me quite some time to see that the Nasty Party never had my best interests at heart. It’s a shame my parents never saw the same.

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    Oh, and slippers. But only because I daren’t turn the heating on.

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    Doomanic may be my long lost twin on both counts

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    Where’s the like button for slippers!

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    Travelling abroad.
    I always resisted when partners suggested it, my argument was I hadn’t seen all of this country yet.
    Went to Canada 10yrs ago, friggin loved it, been back 3 more times since.
    Going again in February, gonna try and skate on 7 different rinks in a day. Without using any transportation.
    Something that’s impossible in the uk.
    Genuinely wish I’d went abroad when i was young.

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    Mudguards, Marmalade and Marmite but not marsupials (no one should embrace them they’ve got sharp claws).

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    Speaking up at work.

    Mud guards.

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    Wine, until my mid twenties thought it was all bullshit and pretension. Now I think it’s 50% bullshit and pretension but the other 50% is a very nice relaxing drink to get drunk on 🙂

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    (Not at the same time … hut hey, who knows what the future holds?)

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    Belle and Sebastian

    Is that the animated series or the band?

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    Salmon. Lots of omega 3 oily goodness

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    Shaving my legs. I thought it was silly. Tried it because I was convinced by a youtube video that it would make me better at bike racing. Now I do it becuase I like how my legs look shaven and no other reason.

    Free Member

    Chain waxing
    Going to bed @ 10pm (or earlier)
    Not drinking
    Coffee without milk or sugar
    Electronic music
    Baseball caps
    The Economist
    Rock and ice / winter climbing

    Free Member

    Outboard bearing bottom brackets, as the owner of multiple isis Middleburn cranksets I refused to acknowledge hollowtech II for way too long.

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    Olives, under 30 I hated them, the something changed and I’ve loved them ever since. NB This is the edible version as opposed to pipe sealing type..

    Same here. Used to think they were vile and now I can’t get enough of them.

    Public speaking or presenting, used to avoid like the plague and I’m growing to really like it.

    Not being as fit as I used to be. Got angry about it for a long time and now I’ve come to realise it is inevitable.

    Plus tyres – Had a Trek Stache and it was back to back punctures and torn sidewalks on the rear. Cost the GDP of a small nation to keep replacing them. Fast forward a few years and the strength and choice of the tyres has come on leaps and bounds. I miss my Stooge (both of them).

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    Another one for belle and Sebastian – some great songs/albums.

    Caravanning – home from home. Fun family times.

    Berlingos – yeah people drive them at 40mph but my god they are so practical.

    Ebikes. – go further quicker and don’t feel goosed after a big ride.

    Vegetarianism.- I still eat meat but married a veggie

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    Country music, to a point

    Rim brakes

    The idea that I’m not going to fly to riding destinations most summers any more – embraced via the joy of from-front-door touring

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    Kelsey Grammer. His talent has no bounds.

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