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  • Tell me about…Warrington
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    Reckon on an hour and a half to edale and 2 to snowdonia. I used to live in Wigan and it takes me an hour and 15 mins to get to llandegla down the motorways and driving at the limit the whole way, for reference.

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    It would have to be Stockton Heath if I had to live in Warrington again. I also lived in the Birchwood areas…all very dull and rubbish for walking anywhere (lack of pavements) but fine if you just need decent accomodation and are driving everywhere.

    p.s. I also commuted from Chester but it [traffic] went wrong on too many occasions

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    In my mind, these two posts on the previous page summerise Warrington:

    That will be the only Virgin in Warrington then?

    It’s a post indusltial hole mate. I’d look somewhere else.

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    Newton-Le-Willows (north of Warrington) is a pretty nice area and the commute in by bike is cool and varied. There’s actually a lot of housing right around Lingely Mere, I’m sure that there will be some flats too. I work at the same place as Samuri so know the area pretty well. Drop me an email (in profile) if you want dome more advice / help.

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    I just luv all the “expert” comments from people who know bugger all about the place or have just passed through or their mate once worked there. Warrington is ok, of course there are better places, there always are but as someone who has lived around Warrington from the 60’s and has done a fair bit of traveling Warrington is ok.

    Forget Chester, yes its nice but the drive to where you work will drive you crazy in next to no time. As said before avoid parts of Orford, Bewsey and Dallam. Lymm, Stockton Heath, Grappenhall and Walton are all good places south of the Mersey, the Bridgewater Canal runs along side each of them. North of the Mersey, Croft and Culcheth are also nice and an easy bike ride to your work.

    Warrington town centre has a surplus of newish flat developments and if your cute you will be able to get a discount from the advertised rent.

    Fwiw I’m not a fan of Warrington town centre from an eating and drinking point of view, I’d rather go to Manchester. As for riding Warrington is a good central location, the lakes are approx 60 to 90 mins depending on location, the peaks are about 60 mins, Dellymere is 30-40 mins, Llandegla about 60 mins, Rivington 30 mins and so on.

    I would look up the http://www.bogtrotters.org/ and http://www.chestermtb.co.uk/ for informal organised rides, any more questions just shout up. All the best Paul

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