Steel LT hardtails with loads of mud clearance . . ?

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  • Steel LT hardtails with loads of mud clearance . . ?
  • I’ve seen the Ragley’s, anything else out there that has stacks of mud clearance?


    My Ragley Blue Pig X has loads of clearance and my previous Dialled Prince Albert was pretty good too. I ran large volume 2.3 and 2.4 tyres on that with no clearance issues.


    I run a 2.5 Minion in the back of my Bfe all year round in the Epping Forest mudfest, never had any issues…..

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    Although DMR have recently stopped making them, the Ex[alt] can take up to a 2.5″ rear (and some users say a 2.7″ Maxxis will fit).

    I’ve got a Dual-ply High Roller 2.35″ on mine and there’s absolutely loads of room.

    surly pugsley?


    Have had a 2.4″ Conti Rubber Queen in the back of my 16″ Blue pig with loads of room to spare and they come up huge, a mate had it on a 456 briefly but it rubbed the seat stay bridge…
    I had a Norco Torrent that would happily take a 2.7″ dual ply Gazzalodi 😯 and I suspect the Ragley would too ?
    IIRC Brant ran his with a 24×3″ Gazzalodi for a while


    I run 2.5 minions on the back of my Summer Season with no issues at all.


    BFe definitely has loads of clearance, had a 2.35 Bonty ACX (bigger than a 2.5″ Maxxis!!!) on the back of mine with mud clearance, rode it right through winter like that too.

    Only sold the frame cos it was too much bike for me really.

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    Sovereign – massive clearance

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    My 456 takes a 2.5″ maxxis and a pretty bent rear wheel without any complaints.

    Actualy, if you’re after an 18″ I’m selling it.

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