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  • SPQ 547b: Aged 51, when can I take my work pension?
  • thegeneralist
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    Apologies, but a random bloke at work said something that troubled me.

    DOB June 1972
    On June 2027 I will turn 55
    On 6 April 2028 the min pensh age will change from 56 to 57

    I had assumed that I’d be ok to take money from my works pension, as I hit the trigger before the change….

    But this bloke at work said that there is always ten years between min occ pension age and state pension age.

    And since that rises to 67 when I will be 56 then I won’t be able to take my work pension till 57.,and%20fair%20across%20the%20generations.

    The Government has confirmed the State Pension age will rise to 67 by the end of 2028,

    I said I thought the ten year lock has been suspended, but he said it’s still in place.

    Tell me, oh doctors, IT technicians and builders of STW. Give me your wisdom….

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    Ask your employer.

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    I think you’re correct, your bloke at work is wrong

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    Private pension is 55 today moving to 58 in 2028. Go to and they will confirm.

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    Change from 56 to 57

    DOH, typo


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    Oddly, you are both kind of right

    If you were born after 6 April 1971 but before 6 April 1973
    You’ll have a window from your 55th birthday to 5 April 2028 to access your pension savings before the NMPA increases to 57. If you choose not to take any pension savings during this period, you’ll need to wait until your 57th birthday

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    Cheers slackboy

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