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  • Spanish Bikepacking Diary Day 12
  • amandawishart
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    Amanda and Rhys are nearing the end of their journey from Barcelona to Malaga, and continue to avoid the passing snow storm. Today’s destination: Gran …

    By amandawishart

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    Spanish Bikepacking Diary Day 12

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    Those breaks every 5 minutes were a good idea. I find very high speed descending mentally draining and there have been some ‘interestingly poor’ line choices made on some occasions on long alpine descents. Throw in some cold/wet and it gets very exciting indeed.

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    Two lucky escapes for Amanda – not getting bucked off the bike and avoiding 2700m of climbing….!

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    Great series, thanks Amanda!!!

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    Granada, been there in my bike too

     Are we nearly there yet? What these can go wrong?

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    Mmmm, padrons.

    Those rumble strips look brutal. Well held!

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    Missed this update @amandawishart!

    Thanks again for an enjoyable read.

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