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  • Someone to make an Oak Table ?
  • nealglover

    Looking for someone to make a dining room table out of Oak for my folks.

    Can’t find the size they need so they are looking at having one made.

    Yorkshire area if possible, does anyone know anyone ?


    Maybe try the chat forum.


    Would be worth trying these chaps:

    Based in Greenodd in the Lake District but may well be able to help.


    About 10 years ago, Paul Pine in Ossett made us a kitchen table, not from pine, to suit our small kitchen.
    Give him a call.


    Was sure if selected bike forum, could it be moved please 😉

    I’ll pass those details on to them. Cheers.


    Neal, your parents obviously have taste knowing how to spell Neal right!!

    I can make them an Oak table, look here fro an example of the last table I made my website. May not be able to help if they want it urgently though.


    Michael made our dining table..
    He’s up in Cumbria (we’re in Yorkshire).
    Really nice guy.

    My top tip – sounds like you parents are after something larger / a different shape to ‘the norm’ – be sure you know how you’ll transport it / get it into the house…. we had a nervous hour or two when we brought our table home – thankfully it was going straight though the back door, into the dining room. It made it in with <10mm to spare! In the recent house move, it came out the same way but we had to take the front window out to get it in the new place….

    Premier Icon white101

    Mcmoonter has almost finished a shed on another thread, looks like the kinda guy who can turn his hand to most things

    Search for Richard Rose furniture. Husband of a colleague that used to work beside me. Seen some picks of really nice furniture that he has made.

    Premier Icon Jerome

    I would recommend a friend of mine.
    Malvern way though..


    @ Neal… some nice work…. like the last one, the Schweiben. i have a table at home with similar colouring.


    I do furniture but have a long waiting list and work very slowly.

    Get yourself to some local craft fairs, you might find someone close by you can commission.


    ive had some amazing pieces made my Dennis here in nottingham

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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