Sleepless in the Saddle – Course?

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  • Sleepless in the Saddle – Course?
  • Premier Icon tomd

    What’s the SITS course been like in previous years? I’m doing it this year and haven’t got a clue what to expect from the course. Does it have massive mud potential?

    Premier Icon GrahamS


    Bring mud tyres.

    And at least one spare mech!

    Premier Icon njee20

    Yep, looks like it’ll be horrific if this ‘summer’ is anything to go by.

    Feels flat, but is actually reasonably hilly! Right way round I guess. Fun in the dry, fast.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Yeah it’s great in the dry, but in the wet the grassy sections are a nightmare. Your bike gets jammed up with what’s basically wattle and daub.

    Premier Icon mr_stru

    It’s fairly flat, most of the climbing are draggy rises rather than grovels. It’s mostly a mixture of tight singletrack through woods and tracks along the side of fields.

    It’s actually quite sapping if you’re going for it as there’s nowhere really to take a break simply because there’s not much in the way of altitude change.

    And yeah, it’s not much like fun in the mud but Mayhem and SITS can’t both be awful[0] in the same year so it’ll be fine.

    [0] Those are the rules, right?

    Premier Icon tomd

    Sounds a real treat. I was lucky enough to do MM in 2011 and it was pretty dry so two in a row is asking a bit much.


    Never mind mud tyres bring a canoe! Having just survived Mayhem which although a mud bath was still a great experience, I must admit living close to catton and riding past the currently water logged field is not giving me a good feeling.

    Premier Icon Nobby

    Bugger 🙁


    Still raining……

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    kph22 – Member

    …the currently water logged field…

    And here’s me who can’t stand camping even in the dry…


    how long are the laps? and what tyres would people recommended for the mud? I’m currently running pananracer fire xc pro 2.1s and if Mondays chase ride is anything to go buy they did ok but found them slow in the mud.

    two weeks to get fit for this event, eek

    ABout 8 miles I reckon. There’s a rel rotty section which’ll be fun if it’s wet.

    I really enjoy the course – if you’re in a team of 4, you should be able to give it some beans each lap. As said above, most of the long (for SITS) climbs are alongside field edges, but there is also the odd bombhole and steep little nasty climb to keep you on your toes.

    If it’s dry, it is very fast. Been lucky so far and never had a wet one – even managed to miss the hour or 2 of wetness last year!

    Any updates on the course conditions?


    Anyone know how to go about changing rider details on this? I cant make it and a friend is now attending in my place (part of a team of four). I’ve sent four emails and telephoned a few times over the last week and not had any reply at all.

    Premier Icon Hells

    Just back from Thunder Run at Catton Park. I’ve no idea how the course we ran will compare with the SiTS course but the ground was actually quite dry. There are a few sticky bits in the woods, but overall I’d say it is in good condition, no sign of any mud at the moment!

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