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  • Singletrack Classic Weekender -Course Maps, Timetable and General Info
  • Premier Icon Ben_Haworth

    Cars, camping and catering FAQ:-

    • Lee Quarry can be hard to find for some. Google (or key in to your SatNav) the following:- Kingfisher Centre Futures Park, Bacup, OL13 0BB (click for maplink).
    • The quarry will be AA signposted from all motorways and main roads.
    • It is free to park.
    • There will be two secure car parks in operation. One for people staying for the duration of the weekend, the other for people who aren’t (spectators, non-campers, marshals etc).
    • Car parking – anything smaller than (or same size as) a Transit will be fine in the car park. Full-on Motorhomes are a no-no.
    • It is free to camp.
    • Food and (non-alcoholic) drink will be available to buy.
    • Drinking water will be available for free.

    Stuff to bring with you:-

    • A print out of this page (or you can download a cuter “Info Pack” here).
    • A hammmer.
    • Spare tent pegs.
    • Decent camping mat or inflatable mattress.
    • Torch and/or headtorch.
    • A bike lock.
    • Money.
    • Beer.
    • Insect repellent.
    • Sun tan lotion.
    • Flat pedals (if you want to use them for the Classic Trials).


    The Singletrack Classic Weekender Timetable

    Friday July 3rd

    6pm : Car park open, campsite open.

    6pm – 9pm : Racer sign on.

    Saturday July 4th

    8am – 10am : Racer sign on.

    9.30am : Marshal briefing.

    10am : Bike and tyre choice confirmation.

    8am – 11am : Courses open for inspection.

    9,45am – 11am : Optional Self-Seeding for the DH. If you don’t give us your best guess at how long you’ll take down the DH course you’ll start at the back of the queue. It benefits everyone if we know your best guess times.

    12noon : Rider briefing.

    1pm – 3pm : DH & Trials Race Session 1.

    4pm – 6pm : DH & Trails Race Session 2.

    7pm onwards : “Entertainment” and “half time” prize presentation.

    Sunday July 5th

    8am : XC race course open for inspection.

    9.30am : Marshal briefing.

    10am : Rider briefing.

    11am : XC Race.

    2pm : Prize Giving.

    [caption id="attachment_2184" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="The Downhill course (download the "Info Pack" above for more of an idea as to where this is)."]dh-course[/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_2185" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="The XC course (the orangey bits are banner locations)."]xc-course[/caption]

    Premier Icon Ben_Haworth

    Hi Ben we spoke in the week (mark) where do you want the marshals to meet up

    Premier Icon Ben_Haworth

    At the Sign-On / SIngletrack marquee (which will be at point “M2” on the XC course map above). You can’t miss it 🙂

    Premier Icon lowey

    I thought the Marshalls briefing for Sunday was 10am ?

    Premier Icon Ben_Haworth

    It’s 9.30am now sorry.
    If you can’t make it then just come to the Sign-On / Singletrack tent at 10am and we’ll do it one-on-one 🙂

    Premier Icon lowey

    Nah its ok… We’ll be there.

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