Sandstone way – possible on a CX bike?

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  • Sandstone way – possible on a CX bike?
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    As per title, planning to do the sandstone way in Northumberland with my dad and brother. My bro has a road bike only, so I’m going to lend an MTB to him .

    Will I be ok on CX or should I take my old trail bike instead?

    Genesis fugio or 2010 orange 5.


    There’s nothing technical so I’d choose the Genesis over the Orange


    2010. Was that not when an Orange 5 was an XC bike? I didn’t think trail bikes had been invented back then. If so, then that should be fine.

    Premier Icon wonny j

    Well you’re probably right. Offset bushings and short stem though so it’s basically an enduro weapon now.

    We’re doing a slow and steady pace, over 4 days, so I may just take the orange

    Premier Icon paul4stones

    My son and I did the bit between Hexham and Bellingham on CX bikes. We live at that end and it was before it was officially opened. It was fine. There’s a thread on here somewhere with some pics if you search. I reckon an Orange 5 would be over the top unless you wear full body armour.


    Yes, it’s possible.

    It is quite rough in places but there was nothing to really trouble a cx bike. If you are doing it over 4 days then it shouldn’t be too demanding in terms of miles so you might have more fun on the mountain bike. I felt a bit battered doing it on a cross bike. We thought it would be smoother (more like C2C) and wanted the speed of CX bikes to get it done in a day. Hindsight says my 29er HT with some fast tyres would have been better.

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