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  • I’ve always had Fox forks. I’ve had my current bike a year now and it came with some Fox 32 Float 140 FIT CTD Kashima forks. Which are nice but I’ve never quite got a ‘feel’ for them. The pre-set damping to a certain degree is either too wallowy or too stiff depending on the setting, too easy to blow through the travel and dive under braking, etc.

    I’m sure talking to Mojo and playing about with the psi, sag again or even having them tinkered with might sort this out but…

    I’m tempted by some Rockshox Revelation World Cup forks. There are a few places have them in the sale and the reviews read well.

    Does anyone have any experience of these forks? Having never owned RS forks do owners prefer them to Fox. Does anyone have experience of both forks and what you preferred and why?

    I’d be looking at running the RS Revs at 140mm (due to frame warranty) which I believe can be done with the solo air version via way of a travel spacer.

    So, would you go Fox 32 Float 140 CTDs or RS Revelation WCs? Would I see an improved difference in ‘forking out’ on the RS Revs?

    Ive just swapped my fox 32’s talas 140’s for 20mm axle revelation RLT ti’s (the ones with the proper moco, and dual rebound). Mine have been coil converted and are awesome.

    They are stiffer than the fox’s, and even with the coil in there are still about 50g lighter.

    I certainly wont be swapping back, but my fox’s weren’t as good as yours!

    Premier Icon jairaj

    I have the same problem as you, where I find Fox forks in their fully open position are too divey. I tried a few RL forks and CTD a never got on with them. But the RLC damper I tried was fine as I could dial in a bit more compression damping.

    I currently have RS Revs and really like them. I run them fully open most of the time and do not notice the front end blowing through the travel. Same on a pair of RS SIDs, run them fully open all the time and now wallowing.

    I also find the RS Rev chassis is much stiffer than a Fox 32 chassis.

    But I’d speak to Loco or Mojo and see what your tuning options are. Could be a simple as changing the oil weight or a little tweek of the shim stack. Compare the options of tuning the fork with buying some new ones and go from there.

    Thanks jairaj, glad to know its not just me and the Fox CTD forks. Plus it’s good to know about the better compression settings and stiffer chassis of the Revs. Still tempted by the Rev WCs.

    I’ll give Mojo a ring this week.

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    No experience of Fox myself (I run some older Rev Teams) but I have seen it suggested that the new ctd forks are more linear than the older versions and that between 5 and 15 ml of fox fluid added to the air chamber makes them more progressive and counters the divey feel. Start with 5 & adjust to suit.

    I’ve ridden a set of Float 34 CTDs for a few weeks and they were very disappointing. Not very good small bump sensitivity, blew through the travel in Descend and felt too stiff and unforgiving in Trail. I know they’re not 32s but they are similar in that regard.

    I’ve got a set of Rockshox Revelation RLT Ti with a 20mm axle and they blow the 34s away. I run mine with equal pressures in the positive and negative air spring, a mid/fast rebound damping setting and a few clicks of compression damping. The small bump sensitivity is fantastic, the chassis feels stiff and they don’t blow through the travel. Great fork and far better than Fox. After owning some 36 Floats as well, Fox forks are highly overrated.

    Thanks Johnny Panic, something to consider. I really need to speak with Mojo to see if they have any recommendations to improve this.

    getonyourbike, I totally agree with your CTD summary, it’s the same on my 32s. This must be a common gripe with CTD users.

    So far, from what I’ve read and seen the Rev WCs are stiffer, have better damping and configurable options to get the fork ‘feeling’ right and are generally faff free/setup and forget with longer service intervals. What’s not to like?….apart from another large intial outlay.

    Premier Icon jairaj

    Don’t get the XX World Cup version. The hydraulic lockout restricts the compression damper to either fully open or fully locked out. I think the damper it self is slightly focused on XC racing too. So you won’t get the super smooth damping you get on other Revelation forks

    The older RTL Ti, Black Box or the newest RCT3 dampers are the ones to go for.

    Cheers fella, I’d read that about the XX WC version. It’s these forks I’ve got my eye on…

    Rockshox 2013 Revelation World Cup Solo Air 15mm Maxle DNA3 Carbon Tapered Steerer Fork

    …which I’d then drop to 140mm using the spacer provided. E-mailed Mojo today so hopefully of some feedback regarding the Fox CTDs this week.

    If I’m still unhappy with the performance I’ll see if I can pick the RS WCs up in the sale still and sell the Foxs on.

    Premier Icon jairaj

    Try speaking to Loco too. I spoke to Simon who was more than willing to answer all my questions and happy talk on the phone for while explaining me so I understood properly.

    Also note the travel the new RS Solo Air forks cannot be adjusted using the all travel spacers. You need to change to a smaller air spring. But the damping inside that fork is good.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Revelation’s never been a bad choice. My ’10 Teams have been brilliant- maybe fractionally divey for me but not far off perfect. Miles stiffer than a Fox 32, if that bothers you- though tbf I could live with the 32’s twangy braking without any bother. (Fox invented the 34mm fork to get round the fact their 32mm forks are so uncompetitive on this)

    Haven’t ridden a Fox recently that felt set up right… It’s great kit and I’m sure it can be made to work but out of the box they were all wrong. I wouldn’t buy one on that basis but if you’ve already got it then I bet it can be made to work right.


    I’d stick another 10ml of float fluid in the air chamber of the fox’s, reset the sag and see how they feel 😉


    As mentioned above it will cost you £50-60 to change the travel on the fork you are looking at as RS won’t sell just the part that needs to be changed and so it costs £’s to do something that was easy on the previous model. A massive mistake on their part. I know of 2 people who have bought other brands of fork for this reason.

    Thanks folks, great feedback from the STW collective as usual.

    I’ve also had a response from Mojo who have recommended pretty much what @Loco and @Johnny Panic have 🙂

    So that’s the first step….which will hopefully resolve the performance niggle and save me from spending lots of money 🙂

    Plus they’re only 11 months old so I might send them off to Mojo to tweak on my behalf.

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