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  • road vs cx bike fit advice
  • rp16v
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    I have both a giant defy adv 2 and a kinesis 5t and use them both to commute on but cross season starts soon so want to use the 5t more to get used to it abit
    So do the people who have both cx and road generaly run the same fit between the 2 or diffrent setups?

    I no geometry plays a big part the is not that much between them but i have set them both with the same axle to stem, seat to bar and bb to seat hight at current and i no the defy fits me spot on just trying to replicate it to get the fit then work on shaving the weight

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    er, are you in a different country to most of us?

    My CX bike has higher, wider and closer handlebars and a slightly lower saddle height (about halfway between roadie and XC MTB saddle height).

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    As a fitter, there are generally some small, but specific differences between road/cross.
    Saddle height is the obvious one; ‘cross generally 5-10mm lower depending on courses/terrain.
    I would set cleats up a little differently, with ‘cross/MTB a little further forward for extra leverage.
    ‘Cross race bikes can actually have bars a little lower, as a ‘hoods’ riding position is dominant and drops tend to be used mainly for descents.
    In the end, as with any fit, it depends on the individual; your physiology, the terrain you ride and how you want to ride it.
    I guess that if you’re using both bikes solely on the road, the bottom line is that identical positions make perfect sense.

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    The long winded version of that answer can be found here:

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    Aracer– no i am in UK just western leage summer series

    Its just road use ATM and will be racing cross aswell later on will try the same setup on a cross\adventure ride with a tyre change and see how it goes if been using the 80mm stem for a while now it may well have just been those couple of days I was a bit off so nothing was feeling right lol

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    OK just went out for a blast on the road the 100mm -6° it feels good
    BUT I can’t jump\bunny hop it for toffee weras could eisely with the 80 -6° (even better with +6 lol)
    Thinking to try a 90mm 0° would have a nice happy med between the two raising the bar slightly and lengthening by 10mm over my original setup.

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    Mine are pretty similar. Although different frames with different Effective TT and BB heights changes things a bit.

    I think I probably spend more time in the drops in a cx race than a road race. I run shallow drops so it is comfortable and not overly stretched. I prefer the stability when terrain is difficult. I don’t really think there is much aero advantage as speeds are often <15mph unless it is a fast dry course.

    On my road bike I spend time in the bunch on the hoods, the odd corner and sprint in the drops but when I’m in the wind and riding tempo (in a break or chasing one) I prefer hands on the hoods with forearms on the bar which is my default TT position since I don’t use tri bars.

    You need to use your bodyweight to hop. If you are pretty stretched out on the longer dropped stem then you won’t have much movement in your torso to start the motion.

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    My bikes are quite different, but the fitting very similar. Saddle is 0.5 cm lower to help mounting, reach and stack are the same. I don’t have “drops” on the cross bike (which is really a mtb), but the hands are at the same position as the hoods (rotated 45 degrees).

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