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  • chambord

    I just signed up with Greenflag euro cover.

    Was ~£100 for the year, after a £50 topcashback offer

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    ADAC plus membership for the year: €79.50, includes repatriation, medical emergency cover, onward transport etc etc.

    I’ve got the full t&cs in pdf format if you pm me

    I’m being quoted over £50 for a weeks cover, is there a cheaper alternative?


    Euro Plus with Green Flag here. Very competitive compared to single trip cover with the AA and RAC. I think I pay just over £110 for full UK cover and Euro cover (including getting us and the car home if necessary). It went up quite a lot recently as the car is now 5 years old.

    Never had to call them out though.


    Used these guys for the last few years. No idea how good they are and hope never to need to find out. £32ish for a fortnight.


    I bought some Axa Assistance last year through an online broker called Quoteline Direct. It cost about £60 for the whole year including European trips up to 30-odd days.

    Absolutely brilliant service, couldn’t recommend them enough…

    A few hours from Calais near a small town called Auxerre the rear axle on our van decided to give way. Luckily we we all sleeping at the time so parked up. This happened at about 3am. By about 8am they had sorted us out with a hire car for the duration of our stay which meant we were back on the road for 9ish. They had already covered the cost of the recovery to a local garage and paid for a taxi for me to go and collect the car from the nearby Avis or whatever. It took a little bit of negotiating to get a car big enough to seat 4 people and 3 bikes, but we got there in the end.

    Carried on to Morzine and had the car all week. They then arranged to fly us and our bikes back to the UK from Geneva.

    My car was still in Auxerre when I arrived back in the UK and Citroen had quoted £3k for the repair, but due to the value of the car (about £1k) they said they wouldn’t repatriate it. Fortunately, I had to leave some things in the van, such as the bike rack and they told me that they were obliged to arrange for that to be recovered, the cost of which came to about £700. Repatriation was £1k and they allowed me to contribute the £300 to recover my van and possessions.

    I also submitted a claim for stuff like taxis from the airport to home, permit to drive in Switzerland, all of which were honoured.

    In total I reckon they paid +£3k out on a policy which I had contributed a grand total of £11 towards by the time I needed their help (paid in monthly instalments).

    Bloody great service, highly recommended.

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    The ADAC site linked to above says you have to have a German address.

    So how is it any good to a UK resident?


    Just did this myself. Fifty quid for a week does seem expensive, I’ve paid £35 ish for 2 weeks.

    Cheapest ones I could find (can’t recommend as haven’t used yet) are:-




    There were several others for £40 – 45, I just googled “european breakdown cover” for half an hour

    Not looking for a year as I won’t be going again for another 12 months but some good options there.


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    The ADAC site linked to above says you have to have a German address.

    You need a German address if you sign up online. But you can phone them instead from the uk. Been using them for years.

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