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  • road rage incident with a twist!
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    Funny folk horse riders.


    Sounds like my ex gf…


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    They could’ve been sisters, my daughters carry on like that.

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    on today’s ride, a figure of 8 via Stourport on Severn is was quite startling to come across horse rage between two female horse riders. I came up to them from behind on a narrow lane, i slowed down as i usually do and waited for an opportunity to pass, usually after asking the ride if it was ok.
    But this time i just looked on as the horse behind the first tried to worm its way between the hedge and the lead rider.
    The lead rider shouted ” slow him down, I’m leading”,
    the rear horse continued to push its way forward.
    “slow him down FFS!!”, came the next shout,
    the rear horse was now parallel and suddenly the lead rider just lashed out with her arm and smashed it into the 2nd riders chest
    “i F**King told you i was leading” she then turned the horse 180 degrees and headed back towards where i had completely stopped, As she passed she said a cheery “thank you” as if the incident hadn’t occurred, the 2nd rider also turned and followed her in silence. I was a bit shocked my self!
    rest of the ride here

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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