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  • road or mtb tomorrow?
  • As title shall I do road or mtb tomorrow? Was thinking swinley on the mtb, but guessing it will be busy as the new trails are open?


    Mtb every time.. Did swindled today, great fun. . Start early, avoid the traffic. .


    Road for me. First dry Sunday in ages, so a chance to get the plastic “summer” bike out at last. Going to be bloody cold.


    Thinking the same for tomorrow, already done 150miles this week on the road bike, got another 50 lined up for tomorrow but the mtb is looking at me in a seductive manner.

    Maybe it’s time to give her a ride.

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    If I can get it off the turbo, which it has been connected to for about 3 months !

    Was MTB, then we had a change, so road for Sunday and mtb for Monday. Not sure if any tea shops are open on Sunday mind.


    Probably not many open Monday either

    both 😉

    road in the early AM, go and do 20-30 miles on some porridge oats and strong coffee, 20-30 miles does not sound like much, but its climbing and descending, so a great work out combined with great descents.

    get home, take the MTB out for 10-15 miles of singletrack on some oat bars, and more strong coffee

    makes Sunday midday feel very grand, in comparison

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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