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  • Review: Modibodi Maxi-24hour Pants
  • stwhannah
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    No, these are not pants for making you go fast at 24-hour races. They’re pants that will absorb your period for up to 24 hours. About once every 23 da …

    By stwhannah

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    I’m not the target audience for this product but the 2 women in my life have had a good read and chat about them. It’s good to see reviews of stuff like this; thanks Hannah!

    Ms. RM is a fan of these https://wuka.co.uk/.

    ‘A game changer’ according to her.

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    I mentioned these to the OT, to which she replied, I’m wearing a pair right now!

    Not cheap though at £25 a pair…

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    I will show this to Mrs Sandwich as she has a passenger that causes bleeding and is due an op to remove it next week. Thanks Hannah.

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    Great review – thanks Hannah.
    Great to think about the enhanced confidence these could bring to many people … I liked this from the website: ‘Proudly owned and designed in Australia by real people with leaking bodies’.
    Also great to see a website with people of all ages, shapes and sizes modelling the products. 👍

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    Voucher code I’ve just been sent if anybody wants to try it: MISSYOUCFGF2GVG Small print says: Valid from 21/10/22 – 31/10/22. Excludes Bundles, Maxi, Puma, Gift Cards, Give a Pair.


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