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  • Red Arrows – A bit same?
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    At the inauguration of the Scottish parliament in 1999, there was a flyover by the Red Arrows in formation with Concorde. They took off from Prestwick Airport (where Concorde was tested out of) and flew up the west coast, over the islands, then turned and flew up the Firth of Clyde before crossing the Central Belt through to Edinburgh.

    That turn up the Firth of Clyde took them directly over my parents’ house, at very low altitude.

    Holy. F%£#.

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    Its incredible how close you get to them, and the noise is something else

    Stayed in Langdale last week for some mountain biking and scrambling.
    Several visits from F-15s flying pretty low and damn they were loud.

    Many years back for some reason a tornado occasionally did reasonably low flights over my parents house using a prominent house nearby as a turning marker.
    Considering generally didnt get any jets round there was always startling when it went over.

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    I was in Langdale last Wednesday when 3x F15’s flew over low, my dog gave em a good barking at for the noise!

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