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  • Recumbent fat triking to the South Pole!
  • Premier Icon HermanShake
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    You fatty fanciers have been outwheeled by an ambitious adventure racer. She’s pretty ‘Inspired’ donchya think?

    More here from the dark side: Here.

    Premier Icon 5thElefant
    Free Member

    Needs a couple of trail dogs!

    Premier Icon shermer75
    Free Member

    She’s only carrying 45kg of gear inc food!! 😯

    Premier Icon fasthaggis
    Full Member

    I would love a go on that trike ,those flats are teh awsum 🙂

    Premier Icon Ambrose
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    Update- she’s only gone and done it. Respect where respect is due.

    Premier Icon itstig
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    I think there have been 2 more pugsley riders in antarctica at the moment , don’t know how well they are doing though. I beleive they are solo on different routes with significantly less support than the trike

    Premier Icon ampthill
    Full Member

    That is amazing I really didn’t see it working

    Premier Icon MarinNo8
    Free Member

    Maria has been deservedly nominated for an award on the Total womens cycling site. This one –

    Could you please take five minutes to nominate her in the 16th category. Many thanks.

    Premier Icon Esme
    Full Member

    “White Ice Cycle” documentary
    21 January at 10:35pm
    ITV Wales

    Premier Icon coastkid
    Free Member

    It`s not dark side…

    It`s the Fat side… 😉 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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