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  • Recon Ti Cassettes
  • Milkie
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    Has anyone used one, or heard anything about them..

    I’ve been contemplating buying a Ti – TiNi coated cassette.

    Whats the wear rate like? etc..

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    I used an XTR cassette on my Pace for 18 months. I changed chains frequently and it lasted for ages. I’ve got one on my race bike now, but I only use it for races to help prolong the life of the bling cassette. I imagine you’d get good life out of it on road if you keep it clean and are good about changing the chain.

    Change chains when you can see less than say four teeth binding at the back. I don’t think chain wear indicators are stringent enough to save your cassette.

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    Offroading’s just got one, but he never actually rides, so I’d take anything he says about longevity with a pinch of salt 😉

    The Recon ones are now cheaper than XTR! Opinion seems divdided, I’d be fairly certain it won’t shift as well as XTR, but they weigh less.

    I’m tempted to try a Soul Kozak alu one, as they’re much lighter and about half the price of the Recon ones, although I’m sure longevity will be rubbish!

    General consensus is that nothing works as well as Shimano, so if that’s a top priority then don’t buy anything else.

    As for more opinions, try the Weight Weenies forum, they love that sort of stuff and have obscene amounts of money to spend on it.

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    If you want light weight and shifing ability go for Dura ace,BUT you will have to live with shoter ratios 12-27 for instance.

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