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  • earlanderson

    I’m looking for a decent jacket for my cycle commute into work. Been looking at the endurance urban shell but was thinking of a more “all round jacket” with a bit more padding/warmth but with the cycle styling of longer back and arms, anyone got any ideas ????
    Preferably under £100.


    I’ve been using a lusso winter roadie jersey from CRC which is dead toasty and cheap – it’s lasted 4 years now! When it’s colder and/or raining i wear a Altura winter roadie jersey on top, it’s isn’t completely waterproof but with two layers i’m usually quite near home by the time i’m properly wet, also cheap as chips.


    I’d avoid a jacket with padding & go for layers if you need the warmth. This means you’ll probably find a waterproof you can use when it rains in the summer too.

    I can’t really fault my Gore Path jacket; lightweight, breathable, packs down small. Shop around, yuo should be able to find some on offer for around your budget.

    For a non-cycle specific waterproof, I’ve just bought one of these
    Very impressed so far.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I’ve got a range of jackets: rab vapour rise for when it’s baltic, hardshell when it’s torrential and cold (if it’s torrential and warm, you may as well just get wet and change at work), windshell when it’s slightly cold or slightly wet, synth gilet and windbreak gilet for whenever they’re a good idea.

    I had most of them before I started commuting, and all but the windbreak gilet get used a lot off the bike too. They cover all the basis as a set, apart from the fact that they’re all black. Reflective flouro vest thing over the top of whichever’s being worn takes care of that.


    How about this? linky

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    Showerpass Elite 2.1 – more than your suggested price by quite a bit but you get what you pay for. Had mine for 12 months now and very impressed.


    Vulpine Harrington, if you can get it within the budget. My lightweight one is a lovely bit of kit

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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