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  • hora

    No I’m not talking about those obscure ones where you think ‘oh I remember that one, where ever did it go to’. I’m talking about the ones that you love listening to and you can’t find them anywhere in the car. NO WHERE. I’ve questioned the first suspect and she swears blind that she wouldnt do anything untoward to any CD that she didnt like (pointed out AC/DC was still in the car footwell where it has been for 2months).

    Why do great CD’s vanish? Why?


    Even the replacements vanish sometimes. So now you are left with 2 identical empty boxes.

    Who has replaced the same CD the most times?


    sufr, I do that as well. Sometimes you find both (years later)

    I found a load of my music had been ‘tidied’ into the attic because ‘You never listen to it anymore’

    You have hidden it in the attic! Of course I don’t listen to it anymore, I can’t find it!

    Premier Icon DezB

    Ha! Nobody would touch my CDs. Even the dog knows it would die if it went anywhere near my music stuff (and it doesn’t know much else!)


    I made the mistake of entrusting my entire collection of cds to a friend who managed a glasgow pub while I went to oz for a year, i lost:
    Electric soup- Hoodo gurus
    Ladies & gentlemen…-Spiritualised
    Candy apple grey-Husker Du
    The Good will out -Embrace
    Out of here -Corduroy
    I will never see them again as they were ‘borrowed’ by various staff members who denied everything.

    DezB – Check again. I have replaced all your CDs with bad pirate versions of I’m a Barbie Doll. Only the cases remain the same.

    Premier Icon darrell

    oh candy apple grey – excellent


    Last night my GF was putting her DVD into the machine, she took mine out and put it straight onto the floor. WTF.


    If anyone has seen my of the Gin Blossoms ‘New Miserable Experience’, let me know. I’ve got the case, but the CD’s not in it (and that really annoys me, ‘cos I’m really anal about putting CDs back in the right case)


    I have bought 2 copies of Pearl Jam “Ten” in the last 18 months & replaced my copy of the Pixies “Surfer Rosa” which are all now missing again.They are on the I Pod but,theres just something nice about having the cd,reading the sleeve notes,looking at the photos,like the band intended.

    Burn all your CD’s onto iTunes, put CD’s in safe store, play everything from iPod. A lot of car systems can be adapted in various ways, and it means you do not end up listening to the same music for months because you forgot to swap the CD’s over.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I only get new CDs for birthdays/Christmas these days (gives people ideas beyond “new mech/shifters” etc)

    Haven’t yet dared to put Revolting Cocks – Beers, Steers & Queers on the “to do” list

    (I’ve lost a “ladies & gentlemen…” too – in the tablet box thingy)


    i have no qualms about downloading and burning a replacement for a cd that i paid money for.

    (actually my general attitude to downloading is fairly qualmless, but that’s another story…)

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    My wife has this problem. In the last year alone, she hasd lost Kylie’s Greatest Hits, 2 Shania Twain albums, the “We Love Life” disco collection, “
    Easy Listening Classics 2007″, the last Take That album and “Christmas Panpipe Magic”.

    I don’t know why.

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