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  • monkeyfudger

    Iain, which cranks did you go for with the P2M?


    I’ve got a Stages one sat here waiting to be forwarded to a friend. It seems to be the most adaptable, cheapest and best for those wanting to swap between bikes – it is only a LH crank arm that weighs 20g more. Simple and well made – just needs a UK distributor.


    And a weatherproof innertube boot to cover it 😉 . I wrote off two in bad weather earlier this year. So for the third, I cut a 15cm section of brompton inner tube and slid it over the crank, then sealed both ends with electrical tape. I am happy to say that it has survived the ultimate rain test of a severe rainstorm on the A10, whilst mounted on my roofrack at 60mph through France on Friday night.

    Mine is Ultegra and you’d never notice the cover was there. I added one of their free stickers to try an bling it up a little. I’ll take a phot if anyone is interested.


    I’ve had a Power2Max on Rotor 3D cranks for the last 18 months and cannot fault it. No problem with the bank transfer payment (telephone banking anyone?)and P2M are entirely trustworthy.

    As mine is from early production I’ve just sent it back to have the temperature compensation added but really that was a non-issue for me as the auto zero took care of it.

    DC Rainmaker has the best review of the P2M I’ve seen.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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