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    Has anyone else tried to get support from Pocketmags? The app worked on my Android tablet (although missing pages) so I wanted to try it on my new iPad mini. I waited for the new edition and tried but it said the subscription had been allocated so wrote asking what I needed to do. Just one reply asking for email and subscription – I’d already supplied! I’ve emailed twice since repeating details but nothing, checked spam too.

    It’s a great idea but maybe they’re not the ones to do it with?

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    I’m having exactly the same issue with their support desk.

    I suspect their poor response is due to what I understand is a “special” set up for stw premier subs as opposed to purchasing a sub within their app.

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    Use the Singletrack app rather than the Pocketmags app, is I believe the current wisdom.

    i had this problem the other way round. already had the app on ipad but couldnt get it to work on my android phone.
    Their support was really good – quick response to emails – each time a new step to try. Eventually i think they had to do something to my account to fix it.

    This was with using the singletrack app.

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    I gave up and downloaded the PDF.

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    Same boat here as the first 2 posters.


    I was in the same boat and didn’t get anywhere by emailing pocketmags support.

    I then copied in singletrack to one of my replies and within a couple of hours it had been sorted.

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    And there was me thinking I was the odd one out! Got an email today saying I had to create a pocketmags account and send the user name. We’ll see if that works otherwise I’ll mention it to the crew when visiting the show stand.

    To be continued…….

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    Just to let you all know there is hope at the end of the tunnel. I got an email from ‘Ollie’ who sorted it all out.

    Better late than never – might be worth copying in ST towers to speed up the resolution. 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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